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This is the 2018 update of the original article on the importance of blogging.

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In sharing this article; my intention is to invite you to a free webinar about blogging; but why should you attend?

Well if you have or want to start any type of business – including any type of music and/or entertainments business, then a blog or website is an essential tool to have in your arsenal.

– But a blog is not a business in itself…

  • Blogging IS important to you as an entertainments business, or as a business of any other kind come to that.

…But only if it’s done the right way. – And the webinar that I’m advertising in this article seeks to introduce you to the right way to optimise your blog/website and maximise its potential; both as an advertising tool and as a moneymaking utility in tandem with the rest of your business.

Further down this article I’d like to introduce you to a place where you’ll find specific systems and strategies which anyone can use to turn their blog/website into a powerful moneymaking marketing resource, generating profit and creating an income.

Before I do though; let’s cast our minds back a few years, and then I’ll give you a link so you can book your seat at a value-packed webinar.

How did blogging begin?

Back in the mid-to-late naughties, a new online craze swept the planet: Blogging. – The idea was to set up a website and just “blog” about – well – anything really.

I remember this, because my blog was featured on a blogging site for a piece I did about a 1960s stapler; appropriately entitled * My Stapler *.
(I still have that stapler, and it’s still working too. – There’s something to be said for the phrase “They don’t make things like they used to”.)

It’s 2017 at time of writing the original copy, or 2018 if you’re going by this updated script:

Pretty much everyone climbed aboard the blogging bandwagon at some point – because a few bloggers made it big and got very rich from their blogging activities. – Therefore, everyone else thought that they could do the same; but few actually did. In fact many people lost money; some quite a lot.

Make Your Blog ProfitableSo the blog slowly but eventually fell out of vogue. Many people clung on to the idea of maintaining a blog, but just stopped posting so much, or at all, because, after people became blind to the banner-ad, they weren’t making anything for their efforts in terms of money.

Fame was something else that stopped happening too: Those who became famous bloggers did so by making a six-figure-or-more income from their exploits. – But when the money dried up because banner-ads stopped working, and the copycat-bloggers’ script and rhetoric proved to be substandard and well-below-par in comparison to their famous colleagues; well people had no reason to read their blogs any more, and they didn’t.

Some of those ‘failed’ bloggers went over to video-blogging or ‘vlogging’, and some of them made it. – But again there were more losers than winners, and eventually the blog and the vlog lost their mojo.

Even most teenagers these days no longer see blogs as ’cool’; and when teens forsake something, you know that it’s losing its sparkle and pizazz.

A few savvy entrepreneurs realised, however, that a blog’s structure would be a great platform for promoting their businesses.

WordPress was still going strong, and although the WordPress platform in its native form was obviously not designed with the intention of supporting a business or for use in doing business; various other entrepreneurs and/or geeks began to create extensions and WordPress conversion kits to assist in using WordPress in running a business.

They created all sorts of every type of software system, coded in HTML, PHP, Javascript, C++, and any other computing language you can think of, that can help you to build a business around a blog – particularly a WordPress blog from wordpress dot org. They’re still creating such software these days; and it just keeps getting better and better. – And yet most people still find it just as difficult to create a monetised and profitable blog today, despite all these advances, as they ever did. – This isn’t because the technology sucks, nor is it because the programmers are lousy… Not always anyway…

The main reason why blog-based businesses fail is because the entrepreneurs running them are doing it wrong.

There is old American proverb – written in fact by my business coach – that go:-

You see; a blog doesn’t make money: It isn’t designed to make money, and by itself it wont make money.

You can use all the fancy software enhancements that you’re able to purchase and still make no money from a blog. You can work your butt off, post every day, write guest posts, get links on other blogs, advertise your blog on various websites and resources… Fill your sidebar with gazillions of useful links, make your blog look “pretty”, share articles across social media and have every type of share button in existence on your blog for your visitors to use… And still make very little if any money plus get very little if any traffic. – Despite your hard work over the years.

How does this affect your [music and entertainments – or any other] career? That’s a good question, and it has an easy answer: If you’re marketing or attempting to market music, entertainment, or anything else; then you’re a business. As a business you need to make sales; and a business based around a blog online can excel at that task – if it’s done the right way.

You might have a blog/website, or you might have tried one in the past and given up on it because you couldn’t see how it would help you. – But it can; and getting it right is not as hard as rocket-science. – Nor is it some deeply-hidden secret which only gurus know.

… There is good news: The good news is that there is a way to make your blog work for you. – The clue is in the phrase “A blog makes no money. – A business makes money.” Build a business around your blog – with the blog as the central hub of your business rather than your actual business itself, and we’re going places.

Of course; it’s not quite that easy; there’s a lot more to it than that, and I’m not 100% qualified to teach you everything you need to know to run a successful business online. However I do know someone who is 100% qualified to teach you everything you need to know to run a successful business online, who runs at least one himself, who has 2 blogs, and has already sold an existing successful business, and who has helped a lot of people to create their own moneymaking online business around their blog. – Yes even musicians; and not just me either.

And it’s on that note I’m going to send you in the direction of entrepreneur and online-business-coach
David Risley.

I was originally inviting you to a webinar by D.Risley; but it’s no longer running. However if you’d like to get a clearer picture of how you can use your blog to help make money; and how to get the essential lifeblood of any blog or website – traffic – running profusely through your marketing system and earning you an income rather than a pittance, then Blog Marketing Academy is where you need to be.

Click anywhere on the illustration below to go there.


David is looking forward to seeing you there. – It’s well worth the effort to take a look around. – Even maybe become a member.

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