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Hometown Cover ArtBursting with the simplicity of youthful-energy, yet subtly masking a hidden absence of innocence from the immediate perception of the listener; this ordered yet devil-may-care bounding track, * Hometown *, is based on a clear beat: It’s a beat which develops as the song progresses into an expression of one of the frustrations of post-adolescence in teenage-years.

Not only does this music and lyrics express a desire for the fledgling young to spread its wings and fly to new territories and opportunity; it also expresses, to some extent, the carefree “it’s not fair-ness” of the teen-age times in life.

I’ve done a lot of overlaying and also some remixing on this, and I’m fairly confident a number of people will like it. It’s a very simple tune comprising a number of different sounds; though as the tune progresses an electronic crescendo becomes apparent,

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The Past

My last single (On With The Show – The Single) was musically essentially four tracks overlaid with a fifth track/accompaniment mixed in at a point. This single is made up of more than three multiple overlays of several synchronised tracks with extra sounds and vocals mixed in.

* Hometown * is catchy and fast-moving: It isn’t wordy, and is simple in its message. Artistically it’s making a definite point.

* Hometown * encapsulates a blend of rhythmical syncopation plus extra accompaniments, with a straightforward and clear message.

The lyrical content of * Hometown * is based upon and taken from a poem I wrote as a teenager

about the town I was living in at the time. I’ll say no more on this as it’ll detract from the lyrics when you hear the song.
This is a song aimed at teenagers; because, in essence, I wrote it as a teen; and I feel that it is best suited to the views and attitudes of teens, even though the environment, austerity, and the way teenagers behave may have changed since.

Every teenager wants constant entertainment, regardless of their hometown.

and a variation upon a theme at their whim and behest: As a teenager anything can become boring in a fairly short space of time; their attention-span is relatively short, and there’s always something better to be doing than “this”: –

“Eww I’ve done this before for ages; isn’t there something else to do? – It’s not fair; there’s never anything interesting…”

Teens, like many adults, want to explore new experiences and opportunities.


– They embody the spirit of adventure; always seeking something new and, in many cases, – particularly in the case of teenage boys – more daring. Teenage girls, too, like new experience and opportunity, but in a somewhat different way than their male counterparts; and I think it fair to say that a lot of teenage girls have more problems in relation to coming to terms with being a teenager – even if one is to ignore the physical aspects of this turbulent time of life.

This means that living in one town for a long period of time can be a nightmare to many teenagers; even though moving home is always too much hassle which they can never be bothered with as they’d rather be having “a laugh” in some manner.

When I was a teenager I wrote a poem about the place I grew up in.

– It wasn’t complimentary by any means; starting with the words: –
“This town is so boring and dead…”
I’ve remembered the poem word-for-word ever since then, and it has helped me to remember being a teenager; in fact some even say that I’m still a teenager in my mind – and maybe they could well be right. 🙂
– Anyway since the music-scene is particularly and to a large degree targeted at teens among others, and since the poem brings back clear recollections of my teenage years; I decided to write a song based upon some of the condensed lyrics of that poem I wrote as a teen.

So here is the finished-product.

I hope you enjoy listening to my single; * Hometown *.

Teens – don’t worry too much if your town is boring: there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere. – You’re young and starting out in life, with so much going for you: Your mission is to make it to the top of your chosen profession/career/interest, and you have just under a lifetime to do it in.

LoveBeYourEnergy-3Never give up; think ahead, exercise personal responsibility, ethicality, and determination: You can be the best, so be the best – and all the very best to you in your quest.

“Download or stream Sharron-Idol’s single * Hometown * – on the * Ice Recordings * label – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream Sharron-Idol's single * Hometown * - on the * Ice Recordings * label - from iTunes: https://ctt.ec/76YUQ+

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