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Hometown – A Single From Sharron-Idol( 'Takes about 9 minutes to read. )

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Sharron Idol’s June 2013 single – available on ICE Recordings for online download from cdbaby.com and most other online-music-download-retailers.

Check out this 60-second audio-preview of Hometown: – PLAY


It’s quite a racy little number, fast-moving but uncomplicated. – You’ll see what I mean when you listen to it. I’ve done a lot of overlaying and also some remixing on this, and I’m fairly confident you’ll like it – or at least a number of people will. (My last single was essentially 3 tracks overlaid with a fourth track mixed in. This coming single has multiple overlays and several extra tracks mixed in. It’s not a promotional single; so it‘s not like a cross between a song and a tacky advertisment.)

“Download or stream Sharron-Idol’s single * Hometown * – on the * Ice Recordings * label – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream Sharron-Idol's single * Hometown * - on the * Ice Recordings * label - from iTunes: https://ctt.ec/76YUQ+

“The release-date for Hometown was June 21st 2013 – Midsummer’s Day – in place of my album which I withdrew from production before it started because, basically, I thought some of the material on it was a bit second-rate in hindsight.”

“I won’t be doing same in regard to this single: I’m happy for the recordings to be published as my artwork, and also it costs me money when I pull the plug at the last moment as I did with the album.”

This great tune can be sampled in an exclusive preview video filmed in Idol City – (‘No longer exists.) on Habbo Hotel – by clicking this link. (Opens a new page.)

You can, alternatively, play the video below: –

You can purchase this single from cdbaby.com, or from Apple iTunes.

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The following addendum was written in Summer 2013: –

Teenagers – from what I remember of being one – want constant entertainment. As a teenager anything becomes boring in a fairly short space of time; their attention-span is relatively short, and there’s always something better to be doing than “this”: – “Eww I’ve done this before for ages; isn’t there something else to do? – It’s not fair; there’s never anything interesting…”

New horizons

Teens want to explore new experiences and opportunities. – They embody the spirit of adventure; always seeking something new and, in many cases, – particularly in the case of teenage boys – more daring. Teenage girls, too, like new experience and opportunity, but in a somewhat different way than their male counterparts; and I think it fair to say that teenage girls have more problems in relation to coming to terms with being a teenager – even if one is to ignore the physical aspects of what amounts to a particularly turbulent time of life.

This means that living in one town for a long period of time can be a nightmare to many teenagers. – Familiarity breeds contempt, and worse still in the case of teenagers; boredom – even though moving home is always too much hassle which they can never be bothered with as they’d rather be having a laugh in some manner.

I reminisce getting stoned and pissed…

With the above in mind, when I was a teenager I wrote a short poem about the place I grew up in. – It wasn’t complimentary by any means; starting with the words: –

“This town is so boring and dead. All of the people and places are so greatly uninteresting…”

I’ve remembered the poem word-for-word ever since then, and it has helped me to remember being a teenager; in fact some even say that I’m still a teenager in my mind – and maybe they could well be right. 🙂

– Anyway since the music-scene is particularly targeted at teens among others, and since the poem brings back clear recollections of my teenage years; I decided to write a song based upon some of the condensed lyrics of that very poem I wrote as a teen.

I jotted the poem down in a text file earlier in the year, and made a few adaptations in order that it could be set to music. I now had the lyrics and needed to come up with a suitable tune.


At the time I had four sets of lyrics which I wrote with a rhythm in mind; the revised poem “Hometown” was one of those. I was actually trying to create music to accompany the rhyming lyrics of another potential musical creation called “Stardust” which was undergoing manufacture, if you like, when I put a few dubstep-type beats together and overlaid them into a tune which immediately made me think “OH YES – That sounds perfect for ‘Hometown!'”.

– But Hometown isn’t dubstep, and was never intended to be such. I’d say it was more new wave or post-garage-punk than anything else; at least in regard to the lyrics; so I set about tweaking the tune. After a bit of tweaking I ended up with something that was a new wave/dubstep crossbreed, but also seemingly post-garage. The lyrics and the tune seemed to fit together almost perfectly; and given more tweaking and remixing to see what works best I came up with a very basic rhythmic tune that I’m rather happy with. – It’s simple and catchy – which, from listening to other tunes, tells me it has a chance of catching on and my target audience – teens of between approx. 15 and 18 years old, and anyone else too – could well like it. – Hopefully I’m right.

Hopefully also , having written the poem as a teen myself, other teens will identify with it by means of the lyrics; as in “Yes when I was a teen I felt very similar to how you feel in many ways.”.

Times Change

I realise it’s a different generation today with different principles and values to those of my teenage years, alternative ways of doing things, etc.; but teens are teens and have had the acne and attitude since time immemorial.

The likelihood is that a lot of you teens who’ve lived in your current house for over 10 years are itching to move around a bit and discover other places and locations, and not have to return to that boring old place with the same boring routine every day. Maybe it gives you a sense of security, a base for your life: ‘Way to go; that’s what it is. It’s not just the house is it; it’s the town too: It’s too familiar and you seem to have done everything that there is to do in town. You could do it again but it’s boring now… Well that’s how I felt as a teen anyway; and this is a song about it.

Never give up on a good thing…

There’s something called a “comfort zone”: You’re in it when you’re at home in most cases; you’re in it when you’re doing what you want to do; and you’re pretty safe inside it. Your comfort-zone starts when you’re a baby and it’s provided by your parents. As you start to grow up and begin doing your own thing your comfort zone changes as you create new aspects of it, Such as having a laugh with mates, going shopping, on a date… As your parents look after you less and less as you become more independent so your comfort zone gets smaller. You need to make your comfort zone bigger by gaining experience and knowledge; by going outside of your comfort zone to learn new things in order that you can become comfortable with those things and bring them inside your comfort zone.

It’s not where you are or where you live that matters. – It’s what you do with your life no matter where you are: Whether you’re living in a city, or on a farm out in the middle of nowhere: it makes no difference to the fact that you have to find yourself and think about what you want to accomplish. Then you think about getting to the top in that situation. To get to the top you have to push the boundaries of your comfort zone; you have to go outside of your comfort zone to do so. – The more you learn and the more you go outside of your comfort zone by discovery, experience, innovation, and more than anything hard graft, the further you’ll get, the nearer to the top you’ll go.

Getting to the top is your dream. – Live your dream. Make it happen. You’re young and you have the energy and resources to do so. Do it now; or you’ll end up like me doing it without time on your side.; you’ll get older before you get there. – Or worse still; never doing it.

Keep striving; even when you get there: Life is a race that never ends until life itself is over: It’s a race where you can be in the lead but you can never stop and say “I’m the winner.” – If you do then someone will overtake you while you’re celebrating.

If your hometown is getting you down then venture farther afield and seek new opportunities elsewhere; but always keep a home base no matter how boring it may appear: Homelessness is no fun whatever situation you’re in.

“Download or stream Sharron-Idol’s single * Hometown * – on the * Ice Recordings * label – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream Sharron-Idol's single * Hometown * - on the * Ice Recordings * label - from iTunes: https://ctt.ec/76YUQ+

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