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Hello ladies and gentlemen; and welcome to * Bugger All On dot TV *.

I guess I’d better just explain that this was the first post ever on the blog on this site. It was created way way way back in the days when the site was in alpha 1 and constructed on the OptimizePress theme: 2014 and before. I was running my old website at kkomp.com as my main website at the time.

I’d bought the domain largely for its future resale value. I never imagined that I’d actually use it seriously. I never envisaged that I’d be running my main website on it. – But here it is.


Why “buggerallon.tv”? – Well I guess it’s because the TV companies try to get away with broadcasting second-rate/repeated programs which nobody wants to watch.

Why am I using that domain for this site? – Well I was searching through the dot tv domains one day and just happened to find this one vacant – so I bought it.

This is Sharron-Idol’s main website since late 2015. – Because the old one is too big and is full of technical posts – plus it’s been over-hacked, and the theme on the old site is based on the old Twenty Ten theme by the WordPress Team, which was good in 2011 when I started using it; but it’s aged fast and is rather mobile-unfriendly unless it’s excessively tweaked and stuffed with third-party plugins, as it is…

“Why not just change the theme on the old site?” You ask.

The theme is partially hard-coded in to the rest of the site, and it’ll be a massive job just to change the theme: It’s easier, and better, to start again on a brand new installation.


Yes hackers and spammers this site has security: As much security as my other site at kkomp.com = watertight… OK that’s exaggerating. I’m starting to use this site seriously now, it never hurts to have more than one website running at a time.

I realise that this domain has a funky name, and I was offering it for sale. Nobody appears interested though; so I’ll keep it. If you wanted to buy it you’re too late.

This post has suffered from serious numerous HTML errors which, among other things, were preventing a lot of the content from being displayed, since it was written – originally on the Optimize Press theme in 2014. – I’m not blaming OP for the errors, ‘just saying. They’re corrected now anyway.

Old stuff

Some of the menu links on this site connect to the equivalent pages on the 1st site; because I haven’t built the relevant pages for this site yet. At time of writing the Home link and the Blog link both go to pages on this site. The rest of them still need work before they come into service.

Whatever state of build you find this site in; I hope you find it entertaining: You need better entertainment’ cos there’s

Bugger All on TV
Like I said; there’s bugger all on TV.

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