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Idol’s Halloween 2016 Track *All Hallows Extrabeat * – The Saga…( 'Takes about 5 minutes to read. )

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Halloween music; you might say it’s not really my cup of tea as an atheist, although in another way, as a former Pagan, I’m rather well qualified to create it.


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I’ve produced a Halloween track before, back in 2013, and I later collabed with Mogs, who is still Pagan as far as I know, and who added lyrics to it and came up with * Unseelie Rade * which ended up on my 2014 album * I’m A Person, Not A Genre’ *. Later in 2014, around Halloween time, I produced the track * Wrath of Thor *; track 1 of my * Divine Social * EP.

    In 2015 I didn’t really bother that much about Halloween. I was basically taking a short and well-earned break from my career during a lot of October 2015, the first since 2012.

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    I hadn’t intended to create a Halloween track in 2016 either; Not until the last minute that was. Here’s an account of what happened:

    In early September I thought I’d have a go at remixing a couple of old tracks by Becky Hill. Most of you probably know who Becky Hill is; but probably not a lot of you have heard the tracks * Pictures * and *You I Want The Most *; both of them tracks that she wrote and recorded before she found her celebrity-role, back in the days when she was fronting the Bewdley band ‘The Shakin’ Trees’.

    In short * You I want The Most * came out fairly well as a draft remix, but * Pictures * was a disaster after I’d fucked about with it. It was then that Mogs sent me a flute-track that she’d played and even sound-engineered to a degree by fade-folding a number of sequences together. I could see what she was trying to achieve, and although I couldn’t help her directly, I added a little compression and frequency-attenuation plus cleared up a tiny background hiss.

    I held on to the track, and a week or three later I decided to see what would happen if I tried adding harmonies and a beat to it.

    Strangely enough the relatively-slow flute-track was reading a beats-per-minute figure of 153: Drum n Bass speed; so I thought I’d go with that and add a DnB beat to it. I tried several tempos and made several attempts to synchronise a beat to it; but it just didn’t seem to want to happen. I then attempted to add harmonies to it to see if it sounded any better, but no joy. It was an ‘almost’: Mogs’ flute-playing was good, and what I’d added was good too. – But they didn’t match perfectly.

    I’d spent a lot of time at this; around a week, and I didn’t want to admit defeat just yet. I kept enhancing what I’d added with more harmonies, and recorded each product at each attempt, but if anything it was getting worse. I decided that enough was enough, and went back to the best-sounding recording that I had. I set the studio-software back to emulate the exact mix – and removed Mogs’ flute-track. What I was left with sounded at first kind of like Depeche Mode or The Teardrop Explodes’ drummer in session. and then I mixed it with a DnB beat…

    To cut a long story short; a lot of sound-engineering and several added harmonies later, I had something telling a story: –

    A traveller, or maybe just somebody who wandered off the track and got lost frantically stumbling over their own feet as exhaustion sets in.- There’s something out there; a number of them, and they’re closing in. Darkness has fallen, and the hunt begins.

    Here is a copy of the
    accompanying notes: –

    • “This is mood-music: Halloween mood music. No lyrics are necessary; the beat sends the vibe pretty clearly.

    Two movements, both heavy on electronic drums, convey a darkness, a feeling of confusion akin to being alone at night on a blasted heath with strains of Macbeth… THAT play! – You thought you were safe, but even DnB has its own horror.

    ‘Even worse; you’ve absolutely no idea where you are or how you came to be there! …But it’s not a dagger that you see before you. There’s a shape? Maybe a light? Maybe a witch?..

    There is an incandescence to the horizon: Is that the glow of the light from civilisation, or is it a ghost-light to lure the unwary and desperate traveller to their doom; there to join in with the spirits of the so departed?

    There’s something there; but you can’t quite make it out. – There’s something following you, but turn every direction and yet it is always behind you! It’s after you, but it seeks only to drive you onward to impending doom that awaits you further on.

    – Another twig snaps behind you, always always behind you – but there’s never anything to see; just the knowing that if you should stop it’ll get you…

    …And the movement changes: They’re coming from every direction; in every crag in the rock, behind every boulder, around every corner, beneath every tree and bush they manoeuvre their way towards you. Again they are hiding in plain sight: You know that they are there; but you can barely see them in the pitch-black darkness, yet still you know they’re closing in – You can hear them as they move, as they communicate. – The trap is closing and you’re falling in… Falling, stumbling..’Must go faster. They’re all around you and then… There’s only one option: The light; go for the light…”


    “Download or stream * All Hallows Extrabeat *: Sharron-Idol’s eerie Halloween instrumental – from iTunes.”
    Tweet: Download or stream * All Hallows Extrabeat *: Sharron-Idol's eerie Halloween instrumental - from iTunes.

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