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I’m 51 years old and I have to face the fact that I’m no spring chicken any longer; however even as the arthritis begins to claim  a hold on some of my joints, I’m still determined to get this career rolling. Eventually I’ll probably join a band, or get a proper setup with management and a team maybe: I can’t – simply can’t – carry on as a truly 100% indie artist as age takes its hold on me. – But I don’t intend to give up either.

You may well be asking something like: –

“Why leave things until so late in life?”

The truth is that, back when I was a teen and had the chance to pursue the career I dreamed of at the time, I broke the big rule of success that reads something like this:=-

A Golden Rule

I allowed myself to be talked out of it: A naive teenager listening to the advice of clueless adults who pulled rank on me simply because of age rather than experience. – You would be totally amazed how much that happens; even today. Hopefully it didn’t happen to you if you’re an adult, or it won’t happen to you if you’re a teenager.

Sax & BalletSomehow I’ve got to link the above with the below in a single paragraph in order to provide a transition between subjects: A written story is a bit like a movie in that respect: Just as a visible picture uses a transition when changing scene; so a worded, textual, story should also do by means of a short paragraph. I have to confess that I’m almost at a loss as to how to blend a piece on my teenage years that I still look back upon with a sense of foreboding, or after-boding even, into a piece as follows – so I apologise for the crudity and outstanding clanger dropped in failing to do so; as we move onward to the next piece, which is concerning the present situation at time of writing, and news of a forthcoming release.

I haven’t posted on the Facebook music page since 24th February.

I haven’t emailed my emailing list in ages, and it must be coming up to a month since I last posted anything in the way of a post on this blog too. – There are reasons for that; several in fact: –

‘See I’m in effect a sole trader. I run a business; my music business, all by myself. I don’t have loads of staff to pay, which has a dual-effect: –

  1. On the positive side it saves me money and considerable outlay, but…
  2. On the negative side it means that I have to do almost everything myself, single-handed.

* Here is a list of just some of the main things I have to do: –

  • *Secretarial duties including accounting and business administration.


  • *Technical duties including maintenance of the studio and all its equipment + cleaning + buying new equipment + repairing and optimising existing hardware & software.


  • *Production and sound engineering: Everything from creating music & singing, through mastering, attenuating, mixing, and all other sound engineering, to the final master disk and file. This process also involves a lot of secretarial work too; such as registering the recordings with my PRO, typing up the album notes and lyric sheets… Also there’s the administrative work of dealing with the distribution outlet(s) and making sure everything runs perfectly.


  • *Webmaster operations, including creating & producing content, SEO duties, website creation and maintenance.


  • *Promotional activities… I’m not going to type reams of list; but believe me, the work seems never-ending! Why do I do it? Because I love it, and so that you can have something extra to listen to in order that you get that extra bit of entertainment.

Piano GirlYeah I get a certain amount of fame and notoriety from it; but I seem to be giving a lot more than I’m getting. – I’m not moaning: I’m happy doing what I do, and you’re happy with what I do either because you’re registered as a liker of my Facebook page, or you’re on my emailing list, or you’re just reading this page – which is something more than nothing.

– So you’ll appreciate that I don’t get a lot of time to post on Facebook, on this blog, or even to people on my emailing list. My website – which you’re probably reading this post from – usually comes first as far as posting goes, and posting usually happens after I’ve accomplished something. The good news is that I have indeed accomplished something: I’ve got something new together. – * Something New *; as in the title of my next release; an EP, which should be released early Summer 2016. (May, maybe early June.) I have the artwork completed and the final master tracks waiting to be shipped to the distribution people. I have a PDF lyric sheet typed out, which will be transposed to the album notes when they’re written and published, and it’ll also appear on this site too, hopefully prior to release.

I just thought I’d better let you all know about the release; and in fact that was the purpose of this article. – The rest is basically filler-text: True, but essentially waffle. – It’s been quite a while since my last release, so I didn’t want you to think I’d given up on music or anything like that. – It’s just that, like I said last year (2015), the amount of releases from me will be dropping for a while, while I sort a number of things out; both personally relating to myself as an artist, and also as a business person too.

Everything takes time: I’m 1 person with 2 arms and 24 hours in each day, I do as much as I can. Even if I had a team it would still take time.

– Idol’s always aiming to improve your entertainment. Smile
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