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This article isn’t a huge sales-pitch for the Conservative leader Theresa May and her Party. – In fact this article isn’t so much about politics as it is people; and I was inspired to write it when something unexpected happened to me on Facebook:

gapI posted a Conservative campaign poster on Facebook in early May 2017,  which I copied from Theresa May’s profile picture. It contained the words “Strong & Stable Leadership in the National Interest.” – Along with a picture of Theresa May. Above it I posted the slogan “There can only be one”.  This article isn’t just about a Facebook conversation – nor is it just about things that happened on Facebook… Well only the first bit of it is.

My friend Mogs’ girlfriend; Tash (Natasha) – who is a Labour supporter – replied by posting an article from The Canary– a leftist publication – underneath it. She also posted in reply to a post further down my feed, that I’d designed the day before, that was slagging off Jeremy Corbyn and promoting the Conservative Party.

“When you have to pay for healthcare, or your benefits stops…. Don’t moan coz you voted for it.”

– I thought to myself “It’s Sunday – so let’s get a political debate going”.

– I replied with the following: –

Sharron Idol: Here’s yet another Labour supporter who knows that her leader doesn’t stand a chance of winning the election and has already accepted the inevitability of the impending Tory whitewash.

– That certainly did the trick,

Conservative2017Logoand it got a political debate started. My friend Abbie Lottie – who appears to be a floating voter at that point – chimed in at a couple of points; but the main thrust of the debate was between me and Tash. We join it around half way through:. The thread had split into two consecutive sub-threads; but I managed to keep up with both; even though multitasking isn’t exactly my forte’.  we rejoin the debate just after Tash has, for some reason, showed me a bill from a US hospital…

Sharron Idol: Why are you showing me the bill for a US hospital? This is the UK not the USA.

Natasha: What does it matter what currency its in? Money is money..this receipt indicates roughly what private health care cost on average. That’s a lot of people unable to afford healthcare and a lot of healthcare insurance companies getting rich. If you had t… various left wing propaganda…

Does this girl have a clue?

I think I’ll ignore what she just said; because it’s too complicated to explain to her.

Sharron Idol: I answered re the unfounded idea that the Tories are thinking of privatising the NHS above in answer to Abbie Lottie.

Natasha: There not thinking it there doing it… Ever heard of virgin care?

Natasha: Here’s your honest trustworthy leader..…/theresa-mays-government…/ [ That article again from THECANARY.CO (An extremely left wing publication.)]

Natasha: What don’t you agree with? You’ve had the benefit of free health care, imagine you had to pay for it? I don’t think you’d be happy

– Besides Tash getting noticeably fired up with aggression, a lot of her rhetoric was becoming rather hard to read and disconcerting due to her awful grammar in places – so I thought I’d introduce a little diversion and hopefully prompt a little more care when typing:-

Sharron Idol: Ever heard of correct spelling? I often wonder why we bother with schools – They clearly don’t work in a large number of cases.
Please specify exactly how the Tories are currently privatising the NHS and cite sources.

– I then answered the other running sub-thread:

Sharron Idol: Natasha Wood You’ve already posted that further up my feed – and I replied to it there.

– Tash took the comment I’d made about spelling personally – and went apeshit: –

Natasha: Who the hell do you think you are? Revert to insulting me and my poor spelling… That’s low. I couldn’t concentrate well at school coz I have a learning disability. But I suppose that’s my fault as well.

– WTF..?

Sharron Idol: I was just commenting. I wasn’t aware that you had a learning disability. – Please remember that although you’re close with one of my best friends; we’ve actually never even met. – ‘No offence intended.

Natasha: How dare you imply school was a waste of time for me.. I have achieved so much you wouldn’t believed in the my circumstances.

– Is that my mother I’m talking to?

Natasha: You’ve summed it up..the Tories= nasty party =nasty behaviour/people.

– I’ll ignore that insult and take it on the chin. – Etiquette and peace-making time:

Sharron Idol: Natasha Wood I apologise if you took offence at my remark. If you have achieved a lot then that is commendable.
Returning to the matter at hand; I wonder if you’d mind answering the point I made above when I asked you to Please specify exactly how the Tories are currently privatising the NHS and cite sources.


Natasha:…/creeping-privatisation… from THEGUARDIAN.COM

Sharron Idol: Natasha Wood I feel rather honoured to be representing the Tories if that is the case; but please don’t blame my political allegiance for a misunderstanding between us.

Natasha: Read it for yourself, do your own research if your bothered.

– Don’t make me have to comment on the spelling again. – That will just make things difficult.

Natasha: I’ve never met you,you don’t know me, my values, my beliefs etc but you have idea that I didn’t go to school or a waste of time for judge me on my spelling and grammar and you’ve made some pretty rude comments. I don’t think I want to meet you at this rate!

– Drop it Tash – please…

Sharron Idol: Natasha Wood Yes I agree that there has been some outsourcing in the NHS, and that that outsourcing is getting to a rather large figure in comparison to years past. – However that was a practice that was deemed necessary at the time, and it may continue until a better solution to the problem is found.
The Gaurdian is not necessarily the be all and end all truth of news sources.

Natasha: Its better and more impartial than the BBC , the sun, the mail, the telegraph

Natasha: Where do you get your sources from then?

Sharron Idol: Natasha You judge me as rude because of misunderstandings over social media. That’s maybe somewhat over-judgemental.

Sharron Idol: Natasha I listen to all the sources I read or hear, and I make up my mind on my personal understanding of things after thinking fairly deeply and long about it all first.

Natasha: You said “ever heard of correct spelling” and “why we bother with schools” how was I meant to take that as a social media misunderstanding?

– OK Tash…

Sharron-Idol: You’re really dwelling on this – which is never a good thing. I admit I can be brash and arrogant. – Ask Mogs. – But I’m a soft core with a hard outer shell.

Natasha: “Your a BULLY” (- Ironically with the wrong kind of your included.)

– Eh? ‘ Not sure how you make that out… Let it pass…

Sharron-Idol: As I already stated for the Honourable Lady earlier Mr Speaker; I listen to all of the sources I read or hear – whatever those may be, and I make up my mind on my personal understanding of things after thinking fairly deeply and long about it all first. I don’t dwell on any single source as I like to gather an unbiased understanding of current affairs.

But, like a dog with a bone, Tash kept asking me to list my sources.  I tried to put it another way to her:

Sharron-Idol: Think of a source. – It’s probably one of many from where I gain insight on the matter. I then take all the various sources that I’ve obtained information from, and I process it with my brain to weed out the bits that directly contradict one another or that don’t make sense in the light of evidence. I form my opinion from what remains.

Comrade_CorbynAt this point a guy by the name of Tom Bandfield, another leftist hard-liner with a feed full of nothing but extreme left-wing propaganda, who’d contributed to the debate earlier, piped up:

“Well Sharron, as of yet you have failed to provide a single source for your arguments, while expecting people to do the same. If you look above you’ll notice that I’ve provided you with two articles from a single source, which helpfully link to many further sources to back up their arguments (as well as my arguments), if you’d actually care to read them and respond to them rather than attacking the source as biased. The ball’s in your court now.
 Tasha’s right, you’re a bully, and bullying is one thing which I absolutely cannot abide. But not only that, when called out on your bullshit, you feign innocence, then attempt to gaslight people by acting all apologetic. So no, I don’t forgive you.”

– What the fuck! I was winning the debate, and so I’m a bully? – How do you manage to work that out? Are you saying that only losers are nice people – whereas winners are bullies?

I replied as follows: –

“I really don’t know what to say or how to reply to that. I must admit to feeling a little hurt. – But I’ll slink off with my tail between my legs and not let it get to me. I’m sorry you feel that way.
You say that I’m “called out on my bullshit”. This is, of course, my opinion which differs from yours – therefore you call it “bullshit”. My “bullshit” is my opinion. Mine. Not that of any newspaper or TV station. I come to my own conclusions. If I’m a bully because of that then so be it.”

At that point the debate ended. – Nobody else replied in that particular thread… And Tash unfriended me for whatever reason.

In another part of the thread which continued on after that; Abbie Lottie posted as follows: –

Abbie Lottie: The threat of privatising the NHS is scarier in hospitals. The staff are overworked and underpaid, and if it’s privatised, everyone will have to pay for care and as a transgender woman suffering with strict NHS demands for surgery etc and long waiting lists, privatisation is the last thing I need

I replied:

Sharron Idol: I appreciate your concerns. I’m not a politician, even though I maybe should have been (?). As far as I see it the very last thing that would happen is that existing patients of any type would have their existing treatment’s funding pulled.
I hope you don’t find my style of negotiation, debate, and conversation, as offensive as some others do. – I’m only politically debating here. – I’m not trying to offend anyone, or “bully” anyone either.

Abbie Lottie: No, far from it, it’s a sensible way to debate!

…So, basically, Tash & Tom can do one.

…But the point of all this – finally – is why can nobody accept that I have my own opinion based upon third-party information?

It’s as if I compulsorily have to hold the views of some biased news source, I have to believe what I’m told by some other source. – It’s as if it were abnormal to hold my own views, and people are unable to accept that fact because it’s so incredibly out of the ordinary.

The problem is that it  is out of the ordinary in this world of unthinking sheep that have to follow something or someone. The intellectually deprived masses that have been bred from Humanity without being properly educated or trained in life have themselves bred and produced a race that seem incapable of free thought. Obviously not everyone in the younger generation is like that; but it comes to something when you get called a bully because you can’t name the external media source that you model your life upon.

The thing is that many people do let themselves be told what to believe; just like Tash let Tom tell her that I was a bully and believed it because Tom was a staunch Labour supporter. Why? Is it because they don’t possess the capacity to think for themselves? – It appears that such may be so.

Why do people follow a leader? Why do I follow a leader. – i.e. Theresa May? I don’t follow Theresa because she’s Theresa. – Neither do I follow her because I blindly agree with everything and anything she says. I follow Theresa May because she has been elected the leader of the Conservative Party; which is the UK political party I presently choose to follow, because their policies make the most sense as I see it. That’s also the reason that I’m an atheist: because the atheist way of thinking makes the most sense to me at this current point in time.

A lot of other people – not all other people – but a lot of them – follow a leader because of what someone else says about that leader;

either through a third-party media outlet, or by word of mouth. The problem is that they don’t think as such, they just follow blindly. This doesn’t just happen in politics either: It happens, particularly, with another of our favourite subjects: religion.

I mean take Tash & Tom as an example: Tash has been influenced by leftist propaganda that Tom has given her, and as a result believes that Jeremy Corbyn taking the UK back to the 1970s will solve all the UKs problems. Tash wasn’t alive in the 1970s when the BBC was working half-days as the Trades Unions pulled their staff out to strike. – But it wasn’t always possible to use the TV anyway, as the power would suddenly go out for a few hours at any time of day, as the Trades Unions pulled the electricity workers out on strike… It took a Conservative Government under Margaret Thatcher to save the country from becoming a third-world nation.

In the 1990s Labour came to power again; and Tony Blair tried to emulate Margaret Thatcher as a UK leader who took the country to war and won an important victory that gave the people pride in the UK military… But Tony Blair lied to get our armed forces to go to war unnecessarily in cahoots with power-mad then-American-President George Bush. When the Tories finally returned to power in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, they found that Blair and Gordon Brown had spent all the available funds and left the countries’ economy deep in the red.

Every time Labour get into power they leave a huge mess for successive generations to sort out.

– And it’s obvious that Corbyn will be the worst Labour leader ever.  Even a lot of his own party have no confidence in him.

Theresa May might do a great job – and then again she might not. I’m sure she’d do a better job than Jeremy Corbyn, and a better job than any other party leader. That, as well as the fact that my personal politics lean towards the right is why I vote Conservative. I once thought that the Liberal Democrats might have the answer, back when I first started voting. – But they haven’t, and they didn’t even do that good a job in coalition with the Conservatives in the last Government. – Though once again I’m thankful Labour weren’t in charge.

CorbynNoHope…But I think for myself. Just because someone wrote that the NHS would have instant extra millions on the side of a bus didn’t convince me to vote for Brexit. I saw through the bullshit and I voted remain; even though the Brexiteers won in the end by a slim majority. – Because most of them thought that the NHS would instantly get millions invested in it if they did… Because the bus told them so. 0_0 – Because Boris Johnson told them so. – Even though Boris was just supporting Brexit in the hope of boosting his political career and becoming the next PM after David Cameron – Until Michael Gove pulled the rug and down went Boris. For some reason Theresa made Boris Foreign Secretary; which was a kind of consolation prize in a way.

Anyway; there we go. – It’s a funny old game is politics.

Unfortunately a sizeable section of the population seems to lack the required intelligence to engage in it.


[Leader, leader, leader, leader, leader, leader leader leader…Take that for keyword density Yoast!]

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