Facebook Games

Facebook Games by Sharron-Idol: Lyrics( 'Takes about 1 minutes to read. )

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Ice Recordings

Facebook Games by Sharron-Idol: Lyrics

From her EP *Divine Social* – 2014


Facebook Games

© Sharron-Idol + Ice Recordings June 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

Keep all your good intentions,
your on-line friendship past.
Take that lo-ser Face-book game
and shove it up your ass.

You’re hot and you’re intelligent; you have a decent brain.
Be wise and you’ll see what I meant; I’ll tell you once again.
You’re wa-sting your de-velop-ment: It really is a shame.
You spend your ad-o-les-cent years, play-ing Face-book games.


Don’t offer me the chance to be a lo-ser wa-sting time.
You send me all these game re-quests; it real-ly is a crime!
I’d ra-ther pluck my eyes out or do some-thing that’s worth-while;
Than spend my time just wa-sting time; it’s real-ly not my style.


You have the time to study; to put knowledge in your brain.
In-stead you waste your days a-way with bloody Face-book games.
They write those games for mo-rons and for lo-sers just like you.
Who al-ways find life bo-ring and have no-thing else to do.


Don’t send me all your game re-quests: Don’t try to make me like you.
– Some pe-ople have a life you know; and better things to do.
Please send me all the money that you waste on Face-book games.
So I can just get richer while your life goes down the drain!

-Chorus- … And out.

*Facebook Games*

* Facebook Games *
by Sharron-Idol from her EP * Divine Social *
on * Ice Recordings *”
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Divne Social


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