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Today has been like a number of previous days: I spent all morning doing my own thing and getting ready for the afternoon. In the afternoon; from just before 2 PM to around 6:25PM I was in the studio – recording, editing, and mixing a track for my coming album.

BlazingSunI’m on the way to completing a first draft for my coming album. This album will be the first proper album from me – not including the numerous multi-track EPs I’ve released – since Summer 2014.

Why so long? Well that’s just the way it turned out I guess. I intended to create an album between then and date writing; but it tuned out as an EP instead.

I didn’t expect the 1976 -like heat of recent days. It set me back a bit because it was too hot to even think. The only thing I felt like doing was drinking water and coffee. The UK was hotter than Miami in Florida, USA.

Warning: 2 Political paragraphs ahead: –

True Blue, but no win :(Another thing was I didn’t expect the snap UK General Election this year (2017), but nevertheless I rushed up a track or tracks in support of Theresa May and her Conservative party…

Labour were ever so nasty in the way they responded to my promotion. It wasn’t an official Labour response; it was just random groups of Leftist thugs who didn’t even know me or know of me. – They just chose to abuse me personally online because I was supporting the Tories and because they get off on abusing people who aren’t like they are: Ignorant, moronic, depraved, morally bankrupt and cowardly bullies who hide behind their computer hurling abuse online and probably playing with themselves while they do it. That kind of behaviour doesn’t speak very highly of the type of person that Jeremy Corbyn is attracting. I’d rather be in the Tory camp for that reason alone… But there are some very nice Labour supporters too to be fair. – I know a few of them personally.

That’s enough politics for this post. The reason I decided to write was to actually give you some idea of  goes into creating an album – the way that I create it, which is quite probably somewhat different from the way other artists do it – ?

I started creating one of the tracks in 2015. – I then shelved the project waiting for further inspiration. Two years later I found the original work – music only – on an old hard drive. I edited the music and wrote some lyrics; then I lined up the track for possible inclusion on the album along with a number of others. The track’s title is * WTF *. – That’s right; WTF. Not * What The F_ *; just WTF.

– And more good news:

If you’re on my emailing list then you’ll start receiving advanced previews and all kinds of goodies in due course relating to my album, and also my preceding EP release which will demo the track from the album entitled * Cosmic *, and is the title of the EP itself.

The title of the album?.. I’m actually still not completely decided. I was going to call it * Q *; because 2 of the tracks fit with that one-letter name… But since the title track has got to be * Cosmic *, I think I’m going to call it * Cosmic Q *. You’ll maybe understand why when it’s released.

Today I sang the lyrics and dubbed the recording onto the edited music track of WTF. I liked what I’d produced, and decided to include the track on the first draft of the album.

In fact I’ve selected 10 tracks out of many that I’ve created, and there is a good chance that the first draft might go to print, as procrastination in the past has led to a couple of albums being dropped, and EPs produced instead.

This time round I intend to produce an album no matter what happens. I’ve chosen to include 10 tracks, and I’ve chosen a new and more individual style of music for it too.

What happens now?

CDs_&_RecordsWell as I said, I had chosen 10 spaces for tracks. I largely filled those spaces with unfinished, partially-made, tracks.  At this point in time I’ve completed first drafts of nine of the ten proposed tracks. When I’ve completed all ten I then decide on a line-up for those tracks and produce a first-draft of the album.

I do this literally, physically; and I sit down and I listen to it several times over the course of several days. I even share it with a couple of trusted confidantes and get their opinion. Neither of the 2 albums that I’ve released so far has maintained the original format of its first draft. I don’t expect this album to do so either; but it is a possibility.

Of course the faster I get that matter sorted the quicker I can release the album; but I do have a couple of reserve tracks still to be developed – waiting in the wings – should they be needed. Also I may change the line-up, if nothing else, following the first draft.

– Nothing is certain yet; but it’s taking shape.

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