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In business there are general principles of the way things run, and when things get running they should, very basically, go much like this: –

  1. ‘Random person (customer) comes along seeking a solution to a problem. They find that your business has a solution or the solution to that problem.
  2. You offer our random person – your customer – your businesses solution to their problem, for a sum of money. You tell them how and why it will work.
  3. Your customer agrees to your proposal, pays the money you’re asking for, and gets the solution they were looking for.
  4. Result = Random person goes away happy; a satisfied customer. + Your business is richer as a result.

…Rinse & repeat.

That is business simplified pretty much as far as it can be: It’s really not that difficult a concept is it?

Live Your DreamAs a musician or other entertainer your business runs in exactly the same way: –

Random person might already be your fan, or someone who wants to know your music or other act better. Their problem: They’re looking for entertainment; something original and unique. As your fan – if they are your fan – they’ll be looking to you to provide that: In many cases random person, as your fan, will expect you to come up with a solution. Some other people may want to know if you actually can come up with a solution. If you do so to their satisfaction then there is a good chance that you could get repeat business from them; they’ll become a fan if they weren’t already, and a customer.

When random person has paid their money and listened to your show or your recording or whatever, it is your hope that they will go away happy and prepared to come back as a return customer, and that your business will be able to take a portion of what they paid as a profit…

…Rinse & repeat.

‘Sounds simple so far yeah? In reality it’s not quite as simple: You have to pay various taxes on your income, in order to fund your country’s Government. You also have to pay for travel, accommodation & meals, instruments & equipment, props, business premises, studio hire, utility bills… A proportion of all of that must be pre-calculated into the price you charge each random person in order that, at the end of the day, those expenses are covered and you are still able to make a profit over and above. – That can be difficult (and governments can be greedy). All the same; don’t try to get away with tax-evasion, or you’ll most likely end up performing in jail – as an inmate. – ‘Just saying.

Also I missed out a crucial piece of the jigsaw when I used the words “it is your hope that they will go away happy”. – Whilst that’s true, before they go away you’ll need to capture their contact details, so that you can notify them of products/events that you put on in the future.

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