Do You Earn Followers or Do You Buy Them? – 2018 Updated Version.( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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The Twitter-follower-sellers seem to think that you’ll get your business running on Twitter by buying followers off them.

It appears that follower-sellers are starting to die out: This article was originally written in early 2017, when follower-sellers were commonplace. People have at last started to realise that they get a bum deal when they buy followers from these shady characters. – But these shady characters are still around; ‘just less of them are selling followers now.

This idea of selling followers has always seemed a little strange to me. – You see back in my day – which wasn’t all that long ago – the act of paying somebody who doesn’t know you to say they liked you and pretend that they were your fan was called fraud. Being rather old-fashioned as I am in some ways; I still call it fraud – because that’s what it is.




You have been…


What I’m saying here is that people who buy followers are losers. – If that’s you then you’re a loser: live with it: If the cap fits; wear it.

I have several thousand genuine registered fans; but how is that different than having several hundred genuine registered fans? – It just means I’ve been around a bit longer; that’s all; and I’m still only coming up to my sixth year in showbiz – so it’s like no big deal.

…But, hypothetically, let’s say that I had 20 real fans. Also, hypothetically again, let’s say that I relied on Twitter for all my business: –

So I create a cracker of a release; and 18 of my 20 fans listen to it. 10 of them buy the download, and 3 stream it. Another 15 people register as my fans as a result. Will it make any difference if I buy 10,000 fake twitter fans?

I’d still only have 35 fans, realistically speaking – even though it appeared outwardly that I had more, and I’d be out of pocket. Real fans may well ask me how I suddenly gained so many more fans. If I told them the truth I’d probably lose over half my real fans, and still be out of pocket.

In real life I have a few thousand fans, as I’ve said before – even on Twitter alone. Would it make any difference if I added 10,000 fake Twitter fans? Yes it would: I’d feel like a fake, and my purse would be lighter, my self-image would be tarnished, and my fan-base may well disown me if they ever found out.

You see people don’t really care how many fans someone has: Nobody is going to say “Sharron-Idol has several thousand fans; so I’ve got to be a fan.”. – Nor is anyone going to say “Sharron-Idol has only got 35 fans; so I’ll never be her fan.”

People are going to say “I like Sharron-Idol” or I like Sharron-Idol’s music; therefore I’m going to be her fan.”.

Conversely they might say “Sharron-Idol sucks.” or “I think Sharron-Idol’s music sucks.” and they won’t be my fan.


Nobody cares how many fans I’ve got: If they think I’m great as a person, and my music’s good, they’ll be my fan: If they don’t then they won’t.


So you people who are still feeding the Twitter-frauds: You’re all actually mugs because: The criminals who you pay for fake followers know that having a load of fake followers won’t help you in any way whatsoever. They know that they’re taking your money and giving you a worthless product in return.


Bullshit is bullshit; whether it’s free or whether it costs you a fortune, whether it comes in ones or in one-thousands.

If you buy Twitter followers from these assholes, or if you buy any other followers come to that: you’ve been had!

Wise up and put your money to better use.
You’re not fooling anyone except yourself. – You can only get fans if you buy them. – What a sad loser you are!

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