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The World Is Watching

PunctuateItProperly[10]Does What You Write on the Internet Matter? Who cares? – It’s only cyberspace, right? – Wrong.

A lot of people think it really doesn’t matter what the heck you scrawl on the internet, as it’s not real life. The thing is that people are watching and making judgements all the time – even in cyberspace.

There is so much from real life – so much of the real person – hidden between the lines that they write.

People think that grammar and spelling are irrelevant online. If you mention their atrocious use of grammar, or not as the case may be, they call you a “grammar Nazi” or “spelling police”. What they don’t realise is that, by not bothering about either spelling or grammar, they demonstrate not just the fact of their ignorance in both departments; but also that they don’t care: They don’t care about the image of themselves that they portray to the entire world.. Because other people pick up on it you know.

From reading someone’s social media posts; I can tell a lot about that person and how they are in real life.

Badly spelled lines with bad, little, or no grammar; can indicate either dyslexia – or a person who just doesn’t care about anything or any one – including themselves – just as long as they’re “having a laugh”. – And it’s not only the spelling and grammar that say lots about people. The content of their posted material also speaks volumes about them.

Everything that other people can see on the internet tells tales on its author.

Don’t forget that when you type a reply or comment you’re typing to the world, and that in doing so you’re saying more about yourself to people who you perhaps don’t know but will maybe one day wish that you did, than you are to the person that you’re posting or replying to.

Facebook, You Tube, and other social media sites, are all places where people can say very little – yet write volumes about themselves.

You’ve got to remember that the chances are that the person reading your comment/reply doesn’t know you very well if at all, has probably never met you, and is forming an opinion as they read.

Normally in that situation, people with social skills would try to start on their best foot; leave a good impression with their contact, and hope to maybe build up a rapport with them as time goes by. People with social expectations could well be watching your posts and seeing something lacking. – In fact rather a lot lacking in the case of many people.

Generally, people on the internet appear to be lacking social skills. – Or it’s the internet so “I don’t care. – ‘Doesn’t matter”. The generation that we live in appears to be a generation that has forgotten all about dignity, social maturity, personal responsibility, and basic common-sense. They expect everything on a plate – yet give nothing in return. They probably don’t even know how to give anything in return, nor do they have any inclination that life is an overall interaction.

Yes it does matter: It matters a lot; because the whole world is watching. In many cases the whole world is watching you prove your uncaring ignorance and sees you make a fool of yourself repeatedly.

You might not care; but you can be sure that those people who are more socially aware do care; and they will make a prominent note to keep you at arm’s length.

‘It’s only the internet’

And you probably read this; shrug your shoulders, and mutter

“So what? It’s only the internet.”

Yeah; I mean who cares that you’re showing the whole world that you’re a muppet?

Why should other people have to waste brain power in translating your scrawl into something legible anyway? If you can’t be bothered to write legibly then I can’t be bothered to read what you write: Two can play this game.

Think about that; because image is everything.. Well a big part of everything anyway. You could be saying rather loudly to the whole world “I don’t care about myself, anybody else, or what anyone else thinks of me.” without even knowing it!

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