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* Divine Social *


Divne Social


Thor, Viking God of Thunder, pours out his divine wrath – in the lead track – at the incidental modification of our planet’s climate due to our greedy and primitive industrial practices.

Originally written with the band Inkubus Sukkubus in mind, and maybe yet to be used in some form by them, the song * Wrath of Thor * has been over a year in the making. Destined to be a rock number in its original conception, the track has been adapted for Sharron-Idol’s new DnB-derivative genre of glam-punk, and in doing so has retained its ferocity, if not indeed enhanced its depiction of destruction.

Ice Recordings. Wrath of Thor by Sharron Idol – Lyrics – 2nd Version.

Can you hear – the night come crashing?
Can you hear – the thunder roll?
Can you hear – the windows smashing?
‘Streetlights dead – upon their poles.

Down the street – the wind is howling,
Raindrops sting – against your skin.
From the sky – the debris falling;
Trees collapse – and roofs cave in.

Hurricane. – The air is moving.
Hurricane. – The sky is falling.
Wrath of Thor – the God of Thunder.
Voices of – the injured calling.

Chorus: –
Wrath of Tho-or.
Save yourself and those – all the ones you lo-ove
Wrath of Tho-or:
Hail and wind and rain, storm and thun-der – light-ning.
Wrath of Tho-or:
Falling from the sky, from the sky ab-ove you.
Wrath of Tho-or:
‘Can’t escape his wrath, yeah his anger fright’ning.

See the an – gry – clouds are dark’ning;
Peals of thun – der from the skies.
All of nature hi – ding, hark’ning;
Watching as – their last hope dies.

Rivers flood, the hills collapsing;
‘Bury all – in tides of mud.
Trees come down; the sky’s exploding;
All of na – ture runs with blood.

Hurricane. – The air is moving.
Hurricane. – The sky is falling.
Wrath of Thor – the God of Thunder.
Voices of – the injured calling.

Wrath of Thor:
Anger of the god – of the God of Thunder.
Wrath of Thor:
Terror falling from – from the sky a-bove you.
Wrath of Thor:
Turning ever o-ver and up and under.
Wrath of Thor:
Glimmer in the glint, in a demon’s eye.
Wrath of Thor:
Unleash the force of Hell, the tide of of de-struction.
Wrath of Thor:
Terror raining down, falling from the sky.
Wrath of Thor:
Spurning, burning, tearing, turning, churning.
Wrath of Thor:
Burning down his wrath – as all nature dies.

Wrath of Thor, Wrath of Thor:
No destruction can do mo-ore.
Wrath of Thor, Wrath of Thor:
Nothing stands that stood before.


* Facebook Games *: The title of track 2, and one of Sharron-Idols’ pet hates.

‘Nothing particularly divine about this track; but it has a lot to do with social media.

Facebook Games CoverIdol sees the current internet subculture, led by Facebook, as a threat to further zombify and de-intellectualise the upcoming generations with their moronic, addictive, and semi-half-minded excuse for games, which replace the player’s utilising their potential for the good of society with the wasting of talent for artificial rewards of pixelated photons and a replacement of true self-esteem with what amounts to no more than digitalised smugness. This does no more than create a false and futile sense of fulfilment, while keeping the actual achievement level of the unfortunate player at precisely zero. In this track Idol strikes back by using the example of a teenage Facebook-games-addict to outline the total inanity of the situation.

Ice Recordings | Facebook Games by Sharron-Idol: Lyrics | Copyright Sharron-Idol + Ice Recordings June 2014.

Keep all your good intentions, your on-line friendship past.
Take that lo-ser Face-book game and shove it up your ass.

You’re hot and you’re intelligent; you have a decent brain.
Be wise and you’ll see what I meant; I’ll tell you once again.
You’re wa-sting your de-velop-ment: It really is a shame.
You spend your ad-o-les-cent years, play-ing Face-book games.


Don’t offer me the chance to be a lo-ser wa-sting time.
You send me all these game re-quests; it real-ly is a crime!
I’d ra-ther pluck my eyes out or do some-thing that’s worth-while;
Than spend my time just wa-sting time; it’s real-ly not my style.


You have the time to study; to put knowledge in your brain.
In-stead you waste your days a-way with bloody Face-book games.
They write those games for mo-rons and for lo-sers just like you.
Who al-ways find life bo-ring and have no-thing else to do.


Don’t send me all your game re-quests: Don’t try to make me like you.
Some pe-ople have a life you know; and better things to do.
Please send me all the money that you waste on Face-book games.
So I can just get richer while your life goes down the drain!


The extended instrumental track; track 3 – * Through the Looking Glass * – is an instrumental reflection of the title.

DivineSocialBTV2Artistically astute, with a wavering uncertainty about it; this track is intended to convey the need for us individually to metaphorically take a trip through the looking glass and see ourselves as we really are: Unique and individualistic living entities yes, but also a primitive and socially underdeveloped society bearing technologies way ahead of our maturity as a species: Essentially we still bash each other over the head with clubs like underdeveloped apes, yet we now do it with remotely-controlled weapons capable of more than just a single blow to the cranium.

This track has little to do with the divine 

– other than maybe proving the absence of the supposedly divine being before whom we grovel with futility to get us out of the problems we create; or with sociality for that matter. – But it’s on the EP nevertheless.

We call ourselves an advanced civilisation; yet we don’t even properly understand the observed nature of the matter that our world is composed of, let alone its’ unseen structures. We adhere to a series of mythical unfounded beliefs in various supreme entities who we hope will save us from our own stupidity because we’re incapable of doing so ourselves. – But rather than take responsibility for our own lack of responsibility, we cower before some imaginary being that we generate from our collective subconscious and beg for help. We really do need to see ourselves as we really are, rather than as our ego and our primitive rationale would have us convince ourselves we are as a race of beings.


* Twitter *

Twitter BirdFinally the fourth track * Twitter *: This was written with the hope of it being used in a promotion for the social network, but Twitter didn’t even grace the request with a reply. Idol hereby uses it as a self-promotional tool to whatever extent is possible, and still believes that, despite their reticence to utilise her genuine offer, they are a good and useful online service. It’s a shame they missed out on being able to use this track though.


Ice Recordings. Twitter lyrics by Sharron-Idol. July 2014.


(No chorus)

Verse 1.
Tw-i-i-i-tter – is the place to be.
I hope you’ll come a-long and fo-llow me.
– There are times of bi-tter, there are times of sweet.
It’s the grea-test fee-ling when you make a tweet.

Verse 2.
I know Twi-tter is the place to be:-
Why not come a-long and fo-llow me?
Use those cha-rac-ters and state your case.
Share your in-fo in this awe-some place.

Verse 3.
All-the-stars know Twi-tter is the place to be;
So-come-on and fo-llow them and fo-llow me.
– There are times of bi-tter, there are times of sweet.
It’s the grea-test fee-ling when you make a tweet.



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