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Be willing to invest in yourself. – Ditch the freebie-mindset.

Develop the correct mindset: You cannot escape the fact that success requires nearly all of your time as well as your monetary investment.  Don’t ever think you ‘know enough’ or that you’re ‘big enough’. – Even if you are right at the top; if you start thinking like that you’ll begin to plummet from the heights in no time.



You should never require acceptance and approval from everyone. – In fact you don’t need anyone’s approval.

I assume that you’re a risk-taker – just like other successful people, and not everyone else will agree with your mindset. Remember that it is their problem that they are in some way offended or perplexed by your successful attitude. – It is not your problem. – They think small and inside-the-box; whereas you think big and outside-the-box as well as inside it. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis.



A successful person masters the art of never expecting to be given anything on a plate, but always appreciates help and support when it is offered.

If you need to learn something new, always research who is a master at that skill and either reach out to them personally or invest in their training and/or coaching. Learn the importance of working on one major aspect of your business and development at a time, even if you are running 2 projects separately. Then find your training/coach and achieve new understanding, acquire new skills, and grow as a person. You could, of course, become self-taught – to some extent anyway. There is nothing wrong with learning in any form; provided that your source material is accurate and up-to-date.



Remain positive despite life.

It doesn’t matter what you do; there’s always someone or some thing that will come along and try to ruin everything. Never surrender whatever you do: You are a bigger person than so-and-so loser, and you are controlling your destiny, not them! This is so critical, and is where many would-be success stories fall down.



Have good, consistent, & clear, vision.

Always know exactly where you are headed and have a clear plan set out of how to get there. Break your goals down into tasks and tackle each task in stages.  It is your vision, insight, and foresight, which will keep you consistent. – So turn the TV off. – The Tv won’t make you a living [in most cases]. – Instead work on your business; even when others sit around vegetating, on the sofa!



Work on developing success habits and develop a success-orientated thinking-pattern.

Success is as much about mindset as it is about who and what you know, and what you do. Success is also about taking control of your own destiny while operating in a competent and responsible manner at all times. – Always see the larger picture and break it down into sub-processes which will allow you to achieve your dreams one step at a time.



Covet not thy neighbour’s asp.

Yep; a Biblical-quote from an atheist. – What I mean is: Don’t be jealous of someone or compare yourself to someone else as being yourself the lesser party. It is natural to compare yourself to others, but work steadfastly and responsibly to achieve their success or emulate their wealth or whatever.  When you have developed the correct successful mindset; what will happen is that when you see others who are achieving the success you desire, you will be able to admire their success – and seek to get there yourself by formulating a system to achieve that, without any feeling of insignificance.



Become an Action-Taker.

To become successful you must first devise a plan of action, and then be willing to take the action required to actually execute your plan.  You can listen to all the motivational audios and videos in the world, you can follow all the ‘gurus’ and other successful people – and understand exactly what you need to do in formulating a process to emulate their success. – But it is you – and only you – who will actually be the one who takes the actions required to write your success-story. Nobody can or will do it for you.


SuccessfulVSunsuccessful mindset

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?  To be a success-orientated person you must be willing to adopt a success-orientated mindset, as well as change your modus-operandii to a system which consists of many sub-systems. Yes even as an artist you’ll need a logical progression of steps or processes, containing sub-steps or sub-processes.- More on that in another (future) article.

It won’t always be an easy journey, and you will never reach journey’s end; even if you may think you have at some point.

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