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Deejay (Remix) – A Single by Sharron-Idol (2013)( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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Sharron-Idol presents her release titled
*Deejay – Remix*


This track was released on July 1st 2013.
If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook you’ll know that I recently released a page about another of my singles – *Hometown*. Did you miss that? Here’s a link to it.

I’m doing a series of pages/posts about my music to date: ‘Getting it heard again, and inviting interest and/or purchases. I know that songs are traditionally meant to have a limited shelf-life, and then they’re history; but – well these songs weren’t really given enough publicity as far as their release was concerned. – At the time I was seeking quantity in a greater amount than exposure: I was building up a repertoire-base, with the idea that I could generate a history for myself as I became known. – There is method to that somewhere.

Anyway; this page is about my third single of 2013; *Deejay (Remix)*

After the final draft-disk had been created, the cover-artwork completed; the final 7 minute 4 seconds recording was sent to my distribution people at CD Baby and was given my final approval for distribution to retailers.

I described this work as ‘probably one of my best yet’; and considering  that it was only my third release I was probably right too.

I poured a lot of creative flair into it. I was originally thinking of releasing it in 2 different formats, but settled on the remixed version being published solely. I later remixed the remix for publication on my album *On With the Show – The Album*

It’s almost a house-cross between dance and trance – with a plodding 95 BPS rhythm all the way through. It’s dreamy, entrancing, yet artistically articulated. I’m on the dance-floor late, I’m tired out and I’m starting to wind down as the colours seem to explode on audio-visual syncopation. I’m gonna keep dancing – because the night is young (OK that’s not strictly true but WTF lol.), and maybe when the club closes I’ll be going home with the female DJ? Is her name really Ellis Dee? Wowza!

The cover of this single was even featured on the website “Color Cover” it was that striking!

This single does have a you tube entry, but the video was thrown together and isn’t up to much. If you’d like to hear it on you tube for the sound only then go here and have a listen: House sound extraordinaire – like never before!

You can find out more, preview, even purchase your own copy of this track, on iTunes and on CD Baby too

“Download or stream Sharron-Idols single * Deejay (Remix) * – on the * Ice Recordings * label – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream Sharron-Idols single * Deejay (Remix) * - on the * Ice Recordings * label - from iTunes:

You’ll love this track – with its constant beat wrapped under subtle changes of house-style accompaniment with a vocal constituent.

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Where else can I get this track from?

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As you may know; my single *Hometown* was  released on 21st June 2013 – 10 days before the release of this single;p * Deejay (Remix) *. – In the 2013 Summer season you were getting a great deal from Sharron-Idol; because these two aren’t the only releases I had planned for the heat of that Summer. Also, following this single on 19th August *Why Don’t You..?* was released into mainstream. – A beat guaranteed to get you dancing, with a devastating dancefloor-vibe it’ll send you spinning. – Get ready to be motivated! – Well be taking a look at that next.

For now I’d ask you to check out *Deejay (Remix)* – The second in what I call my Summer Trilogy of singles for Summer 2013.

‘Not a bad publicity slogan that year either ,if I do say so myself: The below was the original: – (It just never really got publicised enough.)

Keep your eyes peeled; because Summer 2013 is going to be Sharron-Idol season!

A new, unexpected, musical-style has been let loose at the recording-industry.

The Idol Arrival is Imminent.

Sharron xxx

“Download or stream Sharron-Idols single * Deejay (Remix) * – on the * Ice Recordings * label – from iTunes.”
Tweet: Download or stream Sharron-Idols single * Deejay (Remix) * - on the * Ice Recordings * label - from iTunes:

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