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The first question you’re asking is “Why would any musician or entertainer – because this site is aimed at musicians and entertainers, right – want to use the Disk Manager in Windows 10?”

Geek article.

“I mean, come on, I’m a musician and/or an entertainer, yeah?
I’m not a computer geek.”

I’m a musician and entertainer too – as it happens – as well as a compujter geek – and I use the Disk Manager in Windows 10 regularly; particularly recently when I added extra storage to my system, in the form of a 4TB hard drive.

Partition a drive

I find that I use around a couple of gigabytes when creating a song or piece of music, and when I’ve done, and the song is complete – whether or not it gets published – I end up storing the song and its phrases, riffs, and other component parts, on around a gigabyte of digital media; usually a hard-drive.

Yes I could use an SSD, and it would be faster; – but at time of writing the largest commonly available storage size of a decent SSD is around 1TB, and they cost around £400 currently. A 2TB, even a 4TB SSD can be obtained if you’re rather rich; but I got hold of a brand new Western Digital * My Book * 4TB HDD for around £55 ($88 USD) from Amazon. – Yeah that was a great deal. – I was lucky to get an end-of-line clearance. I believe they’re currently almost £200 normal retail price at time of writing.

Anyway; because I need so much space, it means – when it comes to buying drives – the more storage space on that drive the better it will be.

The thing is that I don’t intend to use the entire 4TB drive for storing songs that I’ve written and composed. – It could store 4 thousand, even 3 thousand 5 hundred songs; and that number of songs is a lifetime’s work or more. – So even if I transfer all my songs to the media for storage, there will be a lot of space that will remain unused.

I divided up the 4TB drive into 3 drives: 1 of a little under 2 terabytes, and 2 of a little under 1TB. – One of which I used to store my existing productions and associated files; the other I use to store my Dropbox local folders. The 2TB partition stores backups from a number of computers. I partition the 4TB drive; that is making the single large physical drive appear to the Windows operating system to be 2 smaller drives… And to do this I use the built-in Disk Manager.


The thing is that the Disk Manager isn’t immediately apparent to any Windows user:

In fact I doubt a lot of Windows users are even aware of its existence. – It appears that around 50% of them can barely use a browser and send email anyway; so I doubt many of them would know what to do with it if they found it… But even if they, or you, do know about it; calling it up is another matter:


You could use a command line, and call it from its location at C:  \ Windows \ System32 \ diskmgmt.msc . You could type “Disk Manager” into Cortana’s panel, or she might even understand if you say it and call it up for you – though I doubt it: Apple’s Siri is a lot better at understanding speech, and even she’s not that good at it. If you type it you’ll get a number of choices, only one or none of which are the one you want. You could even call it up via the Windows 10 GUI – If you can remember the complicated steps involved in doing so…


But there really is no need to jump through hoops every time you want to call up the Disk Manager. – You can
create a handy shortcut on your desktop, which will call up the disk manager when you click it. – And here’s how to do it: –


Disk Manager IconAs I said before; the actual location of the Disk Manager app as a default part of the operating system is C: \ Windows \ System32\ diskmgmt.msc . That’s in the System 32 folder of the core Windows installation on the C: drive.

To create the desktop shortcut; all we need to do is to right click an empty area of the desktop, select “create shortcut”, wait for the wizard to appear, and type “diskmgmt.msc”.  – In Windows, when you type just a program name as a shortcut’s location, the operating system will search for that program name in the System 32 folder. If it finds a program of that name in System 32 it’ll run it. If it can’t find a  matching program name it’ll let you know. In this case it’ll find diskmgmt.msc, and it’ll run the program…

So after typing diskmgmt.msc as the location, click or tap ‘Next’ and name the shortcut “Disk Manager”. Click or tap ‘Next’ again, and a shortcut named “Disk Manager” will appear on your desktop. If you click or tap this shortcut the Disk Manager will appear on the screen.

It’s always handy to have this shortcut, even if you don’t use it a lot.


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