True Blue – And Why Corbyn Should Never Be Elected( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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– So I’m generating a series of 3 singles – titled * True Blue * – in support of Theresa May and her UK Conservative Party.

(UK Conservatives are NOTHING like American Conservatives.)

I had to do it: It’s a musical political statement I’m making here; so I have to talk politics.

There is a reason why it’s not just one single – or a single single: –

TrueBlueExtramiXAlbumArt150^2Firstly I want to promote the Conservatives in an ongoing manner; and particularly in the weeks leading up to polling day on June 8th 2017. A series of three releases at least gets noticed, as opposed to the one release, which may even be forgotten a week later.

Secondly there is a musical aspect to all this too: each of the tracks on the three singles is a development on its chronological predecessor: Therefore * True Blue (Remix) * is a development upon * True Blue *; and * True Blue (Extramix) * is a development on * True Blue (Remix) *. – I’ve progressively added quality, extra accompaniments and harmonies, effects and DSP.

At time of writing; * True Blue * and; * True Blue (Remix) * have already been released, and the final single * True Blue (Extramix) * is to be released on Friday 2nd June 2017.

I find it rather disconcerting that – having released * True Blue * ( The first in the series.) with massive errors, it gained instant notoriety – whereas the next release in the series only brought the usual derision and hatred from the thugs on the Left Wing. ( Possibly the same ones who Jeremy Corbyn sent to smash up Angela Eagle’s office and quietly intimidate her into submission when she opposed him as Labour Leader.

Corbyn No HopeSpeaking of Jeremy Corbyn: he makes himself out to be a peacemaker , a pacifist and a really nice guy. – There’s bitterness, hatred, resentment, even perhaps a degree of insanity, hiding behind that “Mr Nice Guy” mask he wears.

Let Jeremy Corbyn have his say:

– So here’s the question; regardless of your personal political alliance: Do we; the British People, want this man – who is clearly a terrorist sympathiser, but pretends to be a pillar of the establishment – running our country, and taking it back to the 1970s with his extreme Socialist policies?

If you do then may I say that you don’t deserve to be called British. In fact the label of ‘Human’ is barely fitting. – Have you any idea what life would have been like like under Michael Foot and his Labour Leftist loony government, had they risen to power at the time? Corbbyn is not just a socialist; he’s a Marxist, and he’d be even worse! I lived through Labour rule in the 1970s and 1990s, and I say “Never again”.


Corbyn is a nutter. I appeal to you; please don’t let that nutter anywhere near power.

Join the Conservative Party.



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