Conversation on Twitter Between a Weird Guy and Myself.( 'Takes about 8 minutes to read. )

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Jul 17 2016

Guy: What WordPress widget do you use to put up ads?


Me: I don’t. I hard-code them into the page. – I rarely run banner ads as they make very little if any money. My Hard-coded ads are my own ads for my own products.

I advise you to create and sell your own products. Running banner ads are a mug’s game: You lose the customer to another site if they click, and even if they do buy you get a pittance.


Guy: No Its not a banner its literally on the side and it’s a sponsorship/ ad I got.


Me: Please be clearer.


Guy: I am clear lol

Did I say banner anywhere?


Me: Have you any idea how to cooperate with anyone? – I’m trying to help you and you’re making it as difficult as possible.


Guy: I’m not actually. You don’t understand what I’m saying even though I’m clear as day on everything. So lol


Me: I realise that I don’t understand and you do; that’s why I’m asking you to be clearer so that I can understand what you’re saying.

You may be very clear what you mean and know it fully: I am not you and I don’t know what you mean.


Guy: I don’t want to fight.

I figured out what I asked so nvm.

What computer program do you use to edit pictures?


Me: I use Paint dot net, or Gimp ( Both free) or Photoshop.


Guy: I have photoshop but don’t know how to use it. But I’m taken a classsoon that will teach me but till then I can’t.


Me: This sentence doesn’t make sense : “But I’m taken a classsoon that will teach me but till then I can’t.”.

Me: All 3 programs are similar so if you can use 1 you should be able to use all 3.


Guy: Okay.

I signed up for affiliate programs and got same ads


Me: That’s a start.


Jul 19 2016

Guy: I have an ad for a photography e-book up now


Me: What % of sale value do you get if it sells?


Guy: 60%


Me: WOW that’s a high rate. – 0_0


Guy: I did a photoshoot for my website today getting it up tonight


Me: I went to your site just now. Had a nice chat with the mod.


Guy: Thanks

If you wouldn’t mind could you design a few shirts for me


Jul 22 2016

Me: Thing is; if I do all your design it won’t be your site or your shirts – not in reality.


Jul 24 2016

Me: It’s time to start truly becoming the artist you want to be.


Guy: I am? Why are you always so critical I think I’m doing really well and you’re always so ugh. I’m doing really well right now and idk what you want. So if you want me to be you that isn’t happening


Me: If I wasn’t critical I’d not motivate you. – But if you prefer I’ll just tell you everything’s great as it is and there’s no need to do anything.


Guy: I am doing a lot actually, half my projects are behind the scenes and I’ve been updating the site.


Me: Awesome: I’ll take a look in a while.


Me: I’m sorry if you find me overly critical; but I’m only trying to motivate you to accomplish what I should have achieved at your age, and more.


Guy: I’ve been adding countless things to my site since it’s opened, yesterday I toke a little break because it was starting to stress me but I’m gonna be doing a lot of work today.


Me: Lol I was coding a lot on my site yesterday: It gets to you after a while doesn’t it? – ‘Stresses you out.
The site is actually looking a lot better than when I last saw it. 🙂  I see you did same as me and grabbed a lighting prop off Habbo lol. – 😀 – Remember that those Habbo items bear their copyright; so I suggest you process the image to some extent in order to make it appear in some way different.


Guy: Yes I really like those so I wanted to add one to the site.

Can you make a website account and post in the membership area?


Me: …

These might be useful.


Guy: Oh thanks!


Me: (Just chatting to Stevie.)

Your website froze my browser for some reason.


Guy: Weird, that’s never happened to me.


Me: …

My ad

I’ll email it too.

Stevie said her browser froze also.


Guy: Think my host is down


Me: Is JustHost still unable to get their servers working properly still?

Me: That’s why I moved to SiteGround


Guy: It’s back up

JustHost has been good for me recently to be honest.


Me: It started playing me up. They switched off my security software, injected malware, then tried to sell me overpriced products to remove it.

Me: I removed it myself and left JH

Me: I sent you my ad BTW


Guy: Okay I’ll put it up soon


Me: ty

Me: Only needs running for a week or 2.


Guy: Gonna put up the add now


Me: (y)

Me: lol it doesn’t work like Facebook.


Guy: You’re add is up!


Me: I don’t see it…

Me: I see it now.

Me: Thanks.


Guy: Yes!


Me: I just sent you $1

Me: Your link needs sorting out as it brings up my page rather than yours. It links to

. It should link to

Me: Your donate button doesn’t appear to work at all.


Guy: Yeah I need to fix that

I’m gonna do a special on ads


Me: If you want to get paid a decent sum you need to think about placement: The more prominent the ad the more you can charge for it.

If you run ads where that Google AdSense ad is at the top of the Home page you can charge good money for it.

(You’ll never make much if any money from Google AdSense unless you have more than 1000 visitors a day. – Even then you’ll only make around $10 a month.


Guy: Yeah I’m gonna move those to the button


Jul 31 2016

Guy: If you want the ad up I’m going to need to be payed more.


Aug 1 2016

Me: Paid for what exactly? the ad is tiny and is half way down the sidebar. I doubt anybody would notice it’s there.



Guy: You payed me a dollar … And I didn’t even get the full dollar because taxs


Me: They taxed you – really. That was mean.


Guy: You payed me a dollar you’re lucky I kept it up


Me: I paid what the placement was worth. If the placement had been better I’d have paid you more.


Guy: No you would of payed me 2 dollars.


Me: If the placement had been better and/or your traffic volume had been greater then yes.

Yellow text on a white background: The worst idea ever. Visitors have to wear shades and use special screen-filters to be able to read it.


Guy: I can read it other people can if you don’t like it get off the site


Me: Sure. – I’ll let all your prospective customers know.


Guy: Lol okay


Me: – That they should either read the text that nobody can read or get off the site.


Guy: Honestly I’m blocking you. You’re rude and just plain mean.


22h21 hours ago ( Aug 1 2016 )

Guy: Btw you’re music is complete trash so before you so my content is bad learn for you’re self. Hope you get a voice teacher! -Ethan


* Oops sorry Ethan – I let the cat out of the bag. Open-mouthed smile


There was also a conversation going on on Facebook:


Ethan posted that he was going to take down his website because coding was stressing him out. My reply was as above.
The conversation continued as follows:


I have no further time for this unpleasant individual. I wish him well with his career but I will no longer be assisting him in any manner.


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