Is Your Computer’s Internet Security Really Safe?( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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Is Your Computer’s Internet Security Really Safe?

Let’s find out if your security policy is as good as you think it is.

To do this we need to download and run 2 programs: –

The first of these is called Emsisoft Emergency Kit:

Now in the past I’ve used Emsisoft’s paid antivirus products and found them to be lacking for a main full-time method of protection… However quite some time has gone by since then, and even if that is still the case, I do know that their software caught a lot of infections that other antimalware products missed. The problem was that Emsisoft also missed a few infections that most other antimalware software caught which made it better than most antimalware solutions in one way, yet worse in another way and overall. I’m not suggesting that you run Emsisoft Emergency Kit as a permanent and only malware solution anyway: I’m just suggesting that you scan your system with it once. Ensure that you’ve set it to detect PUPs before you run it.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit describes itself as “A scanner that can be used without installation to scan and clean infected computers”. While it indeed does “scan and clean infected computers”, it cannot “be used without installation”. Emsisoft Emergency Kit adds a file titled “EEK” to your C: drive. It also installs a tiny software driver to your system so that it can effectively run. It is safe to leave the EEK file and its contents on your drive and ignore it after you’ve run the program. – In fact I leave it there and reactivate it from within the folder if I need to use Emsisoft Emergency Kit again. – It updates itself if you instruct it to.

Run Emsisoft Emergency Kit and make a note of the results before quarantining or deleting the nasties that it finds.

Next; download and run ADWCleaner by Malwarebytes.

ADWCleaner shouldn’t need to be installed, though it can be installed also. Run the .exe file and again make a note of any nasties that it finds before cleaning. ADWCleaner will ask you to restart your machine to complete the cleaning. You can delete the .exe file at any point after that if you so desire.

Put the 2 results together. – How did you do?

  • 0 malware infections (Including PUPs): It appears that your current security strategy is working: Fair play to you.
  • 1 malware infection (Including PUPs): ‘Not bad going: Your security strategy is good; but it has a flaw somewhere. – Sort it.
  • 2 to 5 malware infections (Including PUPs): Your internet security strategy and safe surfing practice both require improvement.
  • 5 or more malware infections (Including PUPs): If I were you I’d seriously reconsider my security strategy and make vast improvements as a matter of urgency.

If you now take action to improve your online security then you’re doing the right thing – for yourself, and, indirectly, for others.

If you do nothing then you only have yourself to blame when and if your identity is stolen, your bank account is emptied, and your computer is joined to a botnet. If you’re running an outdated or obsolete operating system then it’s time to upgrade ASAP. If you’re running old or ineffective antivirus/antimalware software; then consider changing it: –

The ONLY free antivirus software I recommend at time of writing (October 2019) is * Kaspersky Free Antivirus * .

If you’re going for a paid antimalware product then I recommend * Malwarebytes *.

I also recommend, in addition, that you scan fairly regularly with ADWCleaner, and that you use Emsisoft Emergency Kit occasionally too.

I’m not getting paid for any of this. It makes very little if any difference to me whether or not you bother to improve your online security… So if you take no action despite showing results of 1 or more infections then it’s your problem. – It’s your computer that’s getting infected, it’s your bank account that is at risk of getting emptied, it’s your identity that’s at risk of getting stolen. If you’d rather risk staying as you are than bother to do anything about it then on your own head be it.

… But be nice to yourself: C’mon now. – I know that it might take a little effort initially; but think of the long-term benefits.


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