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Sharron-Idol loves to communicate; with her fans, with other artists, and to an extent with the rest of the music industry.

Communicate - Reaching Out

Sharron-Idol, apart from having her own piece of internet real-estate in the form of this website with which to communicate, has a presence on social-media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

You’re most welcome to join in with her in social-chit-chat as well as interacting with her promotions and announcements – bearing in mind that she’s a tech-geek as well as an artist. She’d love to get into geeky conversations about aspects of electronics and computing, particularly with regard to audio, if you so desire.

There are two places that you’ll find her on Facebook: The first is at her personal-page, which has already been linked. The second is at her Facebook  music page at https://buggerallon.tv/fbfan . On this page she announces developments mainly related to her music career only, including releases, performances, relevant chat, promotions, etc.

– But Sharron-Idol isn’t limited to social-media sites: You can find details of Sharron’s professional musical releases on her CDBaby page, her page on Amazon, and her iTunes page too.

There are plenty of other links on Google, a number of pages of them, that are about or related to Sharron-Idol too; so why not check them out?

Sharron-Idol is not “aloof and unreachable” as an artist. – By her very nature she loves to share her work and her interests. – She likes to be very much a part of the online-community; whether via this website, any other website she uses, social-media, or other people’s sites.

Sharron loves sensible discussion, and she likes to share her many talents. She loves to help to entertain you in the main, as well as to help you to solve your tech-related issues to some extent. She loves the limelight, as well as the people who power it. – But she also values her privacy and me-time too.

Social Media isn’t the “Real Thing”

– There is something about social media though; something that means that, at best, it can only be a meeting place rather than a base or an extension of Sharron’s real-estate here on her website: Unlike this site, or any other website Sharron-Idol uses or owns, it’s neither a fixed – as in permanent – location in cyberspace, nor does Sharron-Idol own it.

– Any social-media site could disappear any time, be moved, renamed, charged for… And they have the right to ban or exclude anybody for any reason or no reason; and that includes Sharron-Idol too. They could even just close without warning.

As Ari Herstand; USA singer/songwriter/actor based in Los Angeles, says: –

“You rent [fans] from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube when they follow you there. These sites can change their reach overnight (like Facebook did) and you lose complete access to the fans you worked so hard to get. Or they could start charging you to reach them (hello Facebook again). Or the site could die altogether (Myspace anyone?). “

With that in mind, coupled with the fact that I want to see you back here at some point; it therefore makes sense to stay in touch with one another. Social networks are here-today-gone-tomorrow. – Look at MySpace, as Ari points out.

Facebook’s day will come soon enough, and probably Twitter too perhaps. The others come and go as fads. Sharron-Idol is still here on this website and others all the same, and her online presence has already outlasted many a social network.

Let’s Use This Site and Email to Communicate

So the way we do this, as is the generally accepted method online, is I set up a mailing list – which I’ve already done – and you join it. – Easy so far eh?

I’m supposed to give you something for free for your trouble, so how does almost half an hour of instrumental mix grab you? If you click on any of the rather obvious opt-in links on this site you’ll be taken to my opt-in page in a new window  – and you’ll get a long musical mix for opting in. If you click on this link; same.

Ari Herstand again: –

“Email seems super uncool to teenagers and even college kids. But it is how everyone in the real world still communicates. Email is still an incredibly effective way to reach your fans.”

As a result of your opting in we can stay in touch, and I’ll communicate details – sometimes in advance – of my latest offers, releases, and anything else of interest – be it selling, buying, achievements, or just general chit-chat. I’ll only send you email when there’s something worth emailing you about though, so don’t expect tons of emails. – That makes sense to me, and I think you’d agree. (I don’t even do newsletters or whatever to a schedule: When there’s something to say I’ll say it – When there isn’t I won’t.)

So do join Idol’s mailing list and I’ll hopefully be in touch and/or see you back here presently.

Let’s use this internet-phenomenon of the 21st-Century, including “uncool” email, to its fullest; and let’s communicate! 🙂

See, also, the * About * page.


If you like my spiel, or my music, or both - even my geekiness; then I'd like you to come back some time. - In fact I'd like to stay in touch with you, and have you come back here to this site sometime.

The only way I can think of to achieve this is to ask you to leave me an email address on which I can contact you... So I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll give you almost 30 minutes of my self-composed mix in exchange for your email address. - 'Good deal yeah? - 'Great, we're singing from the same lyric-sheet here, as it were.

When you enter your email address below and click "Get It Now", you'll be taken to my "Thank You" page, where you can download your music, and click on links to more of my stuff if you're interested too.

Since I will then have your email address I'll send you email from time to time; like when I have something interesting to say, or when I release something, or even when I think there's something I've found that you'd be interested in.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time if you get fed up with getting them, and I won't complain about it. - And you won't hear from me again; unless you re-subscribe.

'Sound good to you? OK let's do this: 'See the inset below? Follow the instructions - it's really easy - and we're away.
'See you there.

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