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I advertise Blog Marketing Academy from time to time, with an angle on music and entertainments business. – Maybe some people think that I only do it to earn a commission?

BlogPoweredBusinessWhile it’s true that I do earn a commission – a commission which is probably less than you’d imagine it was by the way – for confirmed members that have been referred by myself, it’s not my main reason for promoting the Academy.

Ignoring the hecklers, who are calling “Bullshit!”; I’ll do my best to explain.

I’m Human like most other people on this planet, so I have a normal degree of self-interest. I live in this Human society too; so I need to make money in order to survive in it. – But I don’t need to do so to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. – As a Human I have a responsibility to my race: The Human Race : to do my best to fulfil my part in leaving this planet in a better state than I found it in when I was born onto it – It’s part of something known as “personal responsibility”; something that I believe very strongly in, and something which I hope, eventually, becomes the societal norm. – Even if it’s long after I’m no longer here; Because it’ll make the world a far better place to live in.

I appreciate that money is a big motivator

…And if there were no financial reward from referring new members I wouldn’t be doing it, because I need to at least cover my costs, in addition to hopefully making at least a small profit too… But the big thing here for me is motivation of new and upcoming musical and entertainment talent.

In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s there was so much awesome musical and entertainments talent around. It had been nurtured since the 1930s and had blossomed into a glitterazi-world of big careers and big money for those who had what it takes… But that was then: –


Things have changed

Last century, while there were less opportunities to pursue a career in entertainments, there were also many more financial opportunities for those who made it; even though there were, perhaps, less of those who properly made it. There was big money in showbiz, big stars, and lots of talent – because it had been nurtured and encouraged.

This century everybody who wants to entertain has every chance to do their thing; but few get heard or noticed because so many are doing it, and these days everybody expects music and entertainment for free or at cut price. Most artists no longer get paid properly, regardless of their amount of talent or the quality of their act. – Unless they have signed a contract with a recording or multimedia company… And many of those don’t get paid properly either.

Genuine talent still needs nurturing in this 21st Century.

There’s still plenty of genuinely talented entertainers and wannabe-entertainers around today; but gone are the days when an act that wasn’t signed could just make music and hope to be discovered. Today every musician and/or entertainer needs to also be a businessperson – or in short they stand no chance, and record companies won’t sign acts that are hopeless at business these days either: it just makes for extra work if they do.

‘You see where I’m going with this?

Every artist needs to become a businessperson too; and Blog Marketing Academy can teach them the necessary skills.: It’s a part of nurturing. – Also I get a little commission for those I refer, which helps.

At the end of the day, then, it’s a case of I help fellow artists to carry out their business affairs by pointing them in the direction of Blog Marketing Academy; Blog Marketing Academy give me a small reward for referring new customers, and talented artists emerge who are capable of business as well as entertainment.

That can only be a good thing.

Artists; join the Blog Marketing Academy. – Because you’ll need business skills in addition to your other talents… And online is the best place to start.

Blog Marketing Academy – Be in it to win it.



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