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I’ve just acquired a rather good app… Actually that’s totally wrong: The app. Chumder, is new, it’s online (web-based), and it’s free to use.

This app is a Swedish innovation; the brainchild of Carl Hamlet @CarlHamlet from Stockholm.Carl Hamlet

Carl followed me on Twitter, initially before April 23rd 2017, and I followed him back on that date. I don’t follow everyone back who follows me; but since I’m a musician I follow some musicians back, and since I’m also a tech geek I follow a number of tech geeks back. I also follow some pictorial artists, some fashion artists, some models, some businesspeople, some bloggers, and some fans.

Carl introduced himself and his app. Our conversation appears below. He convinced me to take a look at it. – Doing so convinced me to try it… And I liked it.

@CarlHamlet : Hello 🙂 I’m currently developing a web application in my spare time. Its purpose is to help people grow their twitter followers quickly and easily.

I’ve used it myself to find 24k followers who I targeted based on my interests such as coding, tech, startups, etc. I have an audience that is really relevant to the type of tweets I post. It ranks twitter profiles 0-100 on how likely they are to follow you back. We only show profiles with a higher rating than 50 so everyone you see is more likely to follow you back than not.

The app is free to use; so if you’re interested in boosting your followers the easy way all you have to do to get started is go to http://www.chumder.com

If you have any questions let me know and good afternoon from Stockholm 🙂



*Sharron Idol*@Shazzalive (me) There are a number of applications like that already developed. – What does your app offer that they don’t?


@CarlHamlet : Hey Sharron, well I like to think the difference is how we find profiles are likely to follow you back. Like last week, around 50% of the people I followed through the app followed me back. Making it faster for you to grow your audience 🙂


@Shazzalive (me) : Why does your app attract more followers than other apps?


@CarlHamlet : It’s the way that it finds users that are likely to follow back. There’s a rather intensive followback score assigned to each user based on how likely we think they are to follow back


@Shazzalive (me) : You convinced me to try it – and yes I like it. 🙂


@CarlHamlet : Aww that’s awesome, thank you 😀 If you have any questions just let me know 🙂

– Now I realise that I’ve just given this guy free advertising for his app. – Chumder, and that I’ve endorsed his product. – He deserves it: Chumder is a good product, and he’s put a lot of work into it. – But the main purpose of this article isn’t actually to promote Carl Hamlet or his product – even though it does.


The main purpose of this article is to talk about what I observed with many people’s profiles on Twitter when using this app.

At this point I’m going back to harping on about people’s websites. If you’re a regular reader of mine then you’ll maybe already have some idea of what’s coming up: –

I see many artists’ and businesspeoples’ profiles as I browse through Twitter with the app. A lot of them appear very convincing and quite professional at first sight – but when I look closer I see a let-down more times than not; even in some of the better profiles.

Let’s put it this way: A brilliant and professionally- written profile is utterly RUINED by linking to a website at artist@artistdomain.blogspot.com, or artist@artistdomain.weebly.com, or artist@artistdomain.wix.com… Why? Because that says exactly this:

“I want to be a successful artist; but I’m only going to do it if it doesn’t cost me anything and I can do it free. I’m not prepared to put any money into my dream because I’m a freeloader.”

Reality check time: You can’t do it free. Really – you cannot do it for free. There is no such word as “free” in the music business. Yes there are some outlets that give music away; but they’re hardly a proper business: They’re either operating on the edge of legality or they are a temporary business in the main.

Using a free website severely limits your chances of getting anywhere, and anyone who’s anyone can easily tell when a domain is based as a sub-domain of a free website provider, as with the example URLs I used above.

Oh I really don’t care if you ignore me and carry on using a free website to promote yourself with. – In fact it benefits me if you do. – Because it gives me a career advantage over you… If we’re both hoping to be signed for the same audition, and you say that your online presence is at a site at mydomain dot wix dot com; the audition staff are immediately going to take me more seriously than they do you from then on.

I don’t care if you ruin your chances by using a free website. This industry is so competitive that in all honesty I should probably be encouraging you to use a free website. –  But surely it’s a matter of common sense? Well as I see it, common sense is a rare commodity these days – and it’s becoming rarer and rarer as time goes by.

Use your loaf yeah? – If it looks and behaves like a freeloader then people will treat it as if it were a freeloader. In the same vein; if you look and behave like a freeloader then people will treat you as if you were a freeloader. – It’s hardly rocket-science.

I saw it happening on Twitter and so I blogged it. Now you’ve been entertained without charge, as well as clued up about the new Chumder app; perhaps you could show that you’re not a freeloader by joining my emailing list. You will actually get something free if you join it; but that’s just a thank-you gift from me to you.

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