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Oriental DetailThere’s an old Chinese proverb which is, strangely enough, one which I haven’t heard until fairly recently. The proverb reads thus: –

“As long as you’re planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you.”

-That got me thinking.

You see in 2012 I embarked upon a new journey: I dedicated my career path to music and the arts. Although I was and still remain a tech-geek; it’s no longer my main career.

Did I plan the journey? – Well yes and no: I had a rough outline of a plan which was based to some extent on ignorance of the mind-blowing complexities of the music industry and which had no fall-back options or contingencies.

Did I ever own the journey? Well yes and no: Yes as in I was more in control than not in control, at least to an extent; but in terms of ‘journey totally pwned’; no.

But I embarked upon that journey: I claimed a small piece of real-estate within the territory of the online-music-industry with my first single release; that being * On  With The Show : The Single * . That was the start of the journey, and according to the proverb I was owned by it from that point on… And that’s quite probably true: It can consume every waking hour at times. It totally exhausts me on occasions. A lot of the time it climbs and climbs, and there’s no time for anything else.

I can stop any time I want to; but I probably never will unless my mind goes totally wonky and/or I die. I love music, the entertainments industry, creating and publishing songs: I love it as much as I love technology, computers, and electronics.


I invite you to join me on my journey. – The only difference is that you won’t be owned by it; that’s my thing.


sunshineTo assist with joining and following me on my journey, I have a rather large and well-built website which will act as a useful tool and reference-aid for you as time passes and new articles and information are added. – You’re on it now. There’s an associated emailing list that you can join and with which I can better keep you updated on important events; such as the following: –

One of the first things you’ll notice by reading the front page is that I have an impending EP release; which is in fact happening the day after this article is published. Perhaps, if you do choose to join me, you could use that release as a personal point of reference; the point at which you began following me on my journey. When you join by giving me an email address to send things to, the first thing you’ll get is a free mix, which is pretty much 1/2-hour long; and that’s just a starter.

With a release date so close, and another Summer season on the way – now is a great time to get involved – Idol has already got well underway with her next project; which could well see another EP release later this Summer, of an angle on electronic music which takes the slant of synthesized effects as harmonies to a new level.

– But that’s something for the more distant future. Coming up more immediately is the release of Sharron’s 5-track EP * Something New * on Thursday 12th May 2016. (< -- That link has been changed from the now-defunct CD Baby link to the relevant page on Amazon.co.uk.) Don’t forget to purchase or stream your copy. – Available on CD, online download, and streaming.

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