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As you may be aware;

I’ve been putting the plans together to build a new PC – incorporating one of Intel’s 10th generation chips.

As with my “Idol Tower” (Which isn’t a tower.) I’m not cutting corners with the budget. What I’ve come up with is a rather powerful machine utilising an Intel Core i5 10600 4.8GHz CPU running 6 cores with 12 threads on a Gigabyte Z490 Vision G motherboard with 32GB RAM. This build will cost me just short of £1100; which is only a few pounds more than the total cost of the Idol Tower. – Who said Intel machines cost more to build? OK the AMD processors are cheaper and less stable than Intel’s offering; and yes they use a fraction less power and their multi-core performance is a bit better; but intel’s 14nm offering is so refined as to be a shining example of chip manufacture, offering stability and compatibility with pretty much all other hardware: It just works and it works well.

Check out the latest on this build – starting as a components list and eventually becoming a strong and valuable PC. See the relevant article on this website; which will be further updated as and when.

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As you may also know; I’m a viewer of Carey Holzman’s channel on YouTube. Carey is an experienced computer technician. – In fact there isn’t a lot he doesn’t know about computers; and he shares that knowledge with viewers in a real-world home-based working environment in the USA. Carey has recently published a 3 hour 44 minute video detailing what he describes as “ The most common configuration he is asked to build.”, and showing people how to build it.

Now there may be a few issues arising from that video. You can check out the video in question here if you like. – Firstly; Carey is an experienced computer builder who lives in the USA. You might not live in the USA – or you might live in a different State in the USA, and you may find that computer components are differently priced and less available where you live. – That’s just one possible discrepancy. In this article I’m going to get ready to build the same design of machine, with a few variations if necessary, and find out if any other discrepancies turn up.

Let’s get the Parts Together

OK so I’m going to stick to what Carey recommends; with a couple of exceptions: –

Intel Core i7 9700K 3.6 GHz Processor1) the CPU.

We’ll start off with the processor. I intend to use one of the two that Carey suggested: I’ll be designing in a 9th gen Intel Core i7 9700K  3.6GHz CPU with 8 single-threaded cores. This chip has a TDP of 95 Watts and is fabricated using 14nm technology. It supports 2 channels of DDR4 RAM. Although it’s unlocked it’s not meant for overclocking. In fact it is supplied with a warning against changing clock frequency or operating voltage. – I have no intention of overclocking it anyway.

The processor is unlocked and has a 12MB cache with a Max (automatic) turbo speed of 4.9Ghz. – Overclocking that will fry it almost instantly; so don’t. (OK it’ll throttle; maybe it’ll throttle down to zero and pack up?I don’t want to try it and find out with over £300 worth of microprocessor.)

Speaking of which; this CPU is the most expensive component of all for me here in England; costing me just shy of £315 GBP Sterling. It’s reasonable; but it’s not cheap.

Gigabyte H310M S2H LGA 1151 DDR4 mATX Motherboard2) the Motherboard

Carey recommended using a Gigabyte H370 HD3 as the machine’s motherboard; but besides being somewhat obsolescent, that board is a little pricey for what is to all intents and purposes a Socket 1151 board that’s been around since April 2018. I had trouble finding it; and although there were at time of writing 11 pieces available on; I decided that at nearly £105 GBP a piece I’d rather opt for something a little more available and if possible cheaper.

I opted to use a Gigabyte H310M S2H board; which has also been around since April 2018 and is fairly obsolescent: However it’s a lot cheaper at only £50GBP on; which is where I’m sourcing all the components for this build from. If you ask me it’s always a good idea to buy everything from the same place if you can. It makes a lot of sense.

Intel 660p Series 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD  3) Storage

Here I’m using the Intel 660p Series 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD that Carey recommended. It’s by no means the fastest kid on the block; but unless you’re looking at benchmarks and trying to squeeze extra fractions of a second out of your hardware; the Intel drive will be perfect for the job; and nobody will notice that it’s a millisecond slower at times.

With its PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 interface it’ll be at least 16 times faster than a hard drive anyway. A sequential read speed of up to 1800 MB per second, and a thoerhetical write speed of same, who’s complaining? A whole terabyte of storage on a responsive lightning-fast C: drive will give the user ample space and more.


As suggested by the man himself I’m using Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM. Remember that with the non-windowed case we’re using; nobody can see inside. – That doesn’t mean that we can make a mess and close it off from customers’ eyes; but what it does mean is that we don’t need any RGB, and any we use will be wasted. With the non-windowed case we don’t have to overly worry about colour synchronisation, nor are there any concerns from viewers that the most expensive top of the range components aren’t being used: We’re trying to build to a budget here. Price matters – which is why I’m incorporating inexpensive RAM.

It has a fairly decent CAS latency of 16, 2133MHz is good enough. Nobody’s complaining. Remember this is a budget office-type machine which is meant to last a minimum of 8 to 10 years if desired.

Aerocool Integrator 600W 80  Certified PSU 5) PSU

It’s nice to have an expensive PSU with a gold or platinum 80+ rating; but in this case we’re going to make do with a cheaper PSU.. I think this one is an 80+ white certified PSU. Although white is the lowest rating of the 80+ ratings; it’s still good. My “Idol Tower has a rather pricey PSU with an 80+ white rating and it’s fine.

The one I’ve chosen gives a full 600 watts of power. This will be useful if the optional graphics card that I’ve written into the design is utilised. – But more on that later. The Aerocool Integrator has a 12cm silent fan, active Power Factoring Correction, and decent capacitors. It’ll do in place of an NZXT branded unit any day.

Zalman CNPS4X CPU Cooler 6) Cooler

The cooler I’ve chosen is a punt: I don’t know if it will be good enough. – It could well be; but ‘might turn out to be utter rubbish? The Zalman brand usually isn’t that bad – so this is a ‘Looks good: Let’s hope it is good.’ thing.

I wanted to use a Scythe Mugen 5 here; but ebuyer don’t stock it – and if the Zalman turns out to be garbage then I’ve only lost a little and I’ll have to wait for the new cooler to arrive.

The Zalman uses a 92mm fan at 1000 to 2000 RPM with a 10% tolerance factor. Airflow is 44CFM and the cooling stack is a reasonable size.

Corsair Carbide Series 200R ATX Case Black 7) Case

Finally – Oh be joyful! – It’s 5AM in the early hours and I’m rocking the night oil to get this thing finished off. It takes me back to when I was producing music and would sometimes spend a whole night writing a song or a melody; many of which I’ve never produced – some of which are lost forever.

– Anyway for the sum of sixty quid we are using the quality Corsair Carbide 200R case. This case has ATX and Micro ATX support. It comes armed with 2 x USB 3-0 ports on the front, has 3 x 5.25 inch bays and 4 x 3.5/2.5 inch bays internally – none of which I’ll be using –  with pop-out panel for fitting of optional optical drive if desired. You’ll also be pleased to know that you can have up to 8 fans.- but unless you’re intending to build a wind-tunnel you won’t need more than a maximum of 4 including the PSU fan and the cooler fan. Maybe it would be an idea to add just one more if you’re adding an optional graphics card. The onboard graphics has a shared memory capacity of a gigabyte. (On both of the boards I mentioned.) That’s not a lot; so if you want more I suggest either a Radeon RX 580 at £170GBP, or an Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050Ti at £128GBP. – All prices mentioned inclusive of UK VAT at 20%.


So yeah – awesome: There were a few dwoiky snoiblers thrown up in that presentation; but no major discrepancies so far, other than maybe the rarity of the motherboard(s). Building it? – Yes go for it. – It shouldn’t cost you a fortune wherever you live. It costs me around £650GBP Inc VAT if I don’t include a graphics card. – £700GBP if I use a 9th generation board with a different chipset – which is another article’s worth.

Will I build it? I might if I have the time to spare as well as the money to spare; but I’m not covering that here.
[I’ll build it for you and have it delivered for something like £799GBP if you’re in the UK and if you give me a shout. – If you really don’t want to build it yourself that is.]
Carey’s video covers that comprehensively; so watch it. Do you want to build it? – Watch Carey Holzman’s channel on YouTube; then check out the video in question and follow Carey’s instructions as you watch him build it. If I’ve confused you by changing a few of the parts he uses; just ignore me and follow what he says.

That’s it. ‘No more. – ‘Happy computer building –
or not as the case may be.
Bye for now.


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