Light Up A Candle For Christmas

Idol’s Xmas Classic * Light Up A Candle For Christmas * – Album Notes( 'Takes about 3 minutes to read. )

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* Light Up A Candle For Christmas *


– Album Notes

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By now I’m becoming disillusioned with CD Baby and their practice of hanging on to the album notes and printing them in exclusivity in plain text – yes even at Christmas!

As a result of that I’m starting, by this point, to write less and less in the album notes: Hardly anyone reads the album notes – and that’s not just my album notes; it applies to most artists that are distributed by CD Baby – because of their policy of printing the album notes in plain text and hiding them away in a linked drop-down section of the releases’ page.

Since I’m  at this point in time (Christmas 2014) writing less and less in the album notes, it means that there’s less for CD Baby to print in plain text and hide away. It also means that there is less original material, in the form of album notes, for me to present here on my website. For various SEO purposes, as well as to ensure that the page contains enough content to make it worth the click by including enough content to qualify as a reasonable amount, I therefore have to write additional material such as the above.

– So having said that; the original album notes are as below: –


candle%5F2Christ-mess: Christmas was never originally about Christ, and the Christian church have made a mess of a good-hearted Pagan festival by adding their standard blend of domination, guilt, and condemnation [in the guise of salvation]… But that’s not to say we can’t still enjoy it!

This Christmas put some sizzle in your fizzle, have a kizzle under mizzle, and get on down to this Xmas sound all night, all right, and out-of sight.

Written and composed by Sharron-Idol in August 2014; this album brings you 5 variations on one sensational seasonal groove – with which to shake your body down, come alive and move. Whatever the weather, wherever you are, this choon is just what you need to make your Christmas party go with a roar as opposed to a whimper.

stagelights5small        StagelightsSmall        stagelights5smallRev



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And on that note and at this juncture I’ll reveal the lyrics: –


Ice Recordings – August 2014 – Light Up A Candle For Christmas – Lyrics by Sharron-Idol

When I-ci-cles hang off the wall;
When cen-tral hea-ting seems to fail.
The dance-floor’s o-pen for y’all;
Let’s rock this house. – Let’s drink the ale.
Come dance the night; let’s make it right:
This Christ-mas par-ty’s out of sight.
Y’all hit the town and get on down.
It’s time to set this club a-light.

It’s Christ-mas time; let’s drink the wine:
Let’s cel-e-brate. It’s par-ty time.
Let’s party down; be of good cheer:
Let’s dance all night, un-til New Year.
The pa-ssion drips from off your hips;
The lights in-vite me to your lips.
We’ve sound ma-chines and la-ser beams.
Let’s move our hooves by any means!

Let’s drink the bar dry, share the lights;
– Party hard on Christ-mas night!
The dance floor’s open for y’all.
This par-ty just won’t stop at all.
Be of good cheer and good intent;
– Here’s a can-dle for ad-vent:
– Let’s light a can-dle. – Yeah I meant: –
Let’s light up a can-dle,
Light up a can-dle.
– Light up a candle for Chri-i-ist-mas.

Enjoy. – x


“Download / stream Sharron-Idols EP * Light Up A Candle For Christmas * on *Ice Recordings * label from iTunes.”
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