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Artists are rarely well off when it comes to funding. – But if you have some funds to spare, it’s important to reinvest some of it back into your career – particularly with regard to promotion. This is particularly beneficial when doing so is at a point leading up to a release, tour, or new video.


DJWhether you spend it on advertising, promotional services, or hiring team members; a little extra financial investment can do a lot for your career.

There are a number of different places you can buy promotion as a music maker/entertainer. – Here are some examples: –


Advertising with Facebook

Facebook ads are actually a very cost-effective form of advertising. Even five to ten UK Pounds can get you significant reach to fans that you’ve already won, which is worth every penny you spend.

While paying for Facebook exposure is annoying, you should remember that without it you would be paying for magazine ads, radio ads, and online ads which would cost you a heck of a lot more.

Facebook ads can be more effective than the more traditional advertising methods, because of the ability for you to target the ad towards a specific demographic. You can target ranges of age, gender, artists they like, location, and other criteria to optimise your audience.

If you’re going on a tour, consider targeting specific Facebook ads towards people in the locations in which you’ll be performing. You can run a bunch of ads simultaneously, so you can try experimenting with different text and images to see what resonates with your audience. – This is known as split-testing, and it’s a vital component in achieving the all-important product/market fit that will mean that your entertainments business is optimally productive.

Also take advantage of the Facebook retargeting pixel by adding it to the code of your website. On that subject; I’ll link you to a fairly comprehensive guide to the pixel with regard to a WordPress CMS a bit further on. They do suggest that you use the Insert Headers & Footers Plugin – which may be a good idea if you’re a technophobe and you break into a cold sweat and start panicking when you see code. – Otherwise I suggest that you avoid using plugins where possible, and that you hard-code the pixel code into your headers, as I’ve done on this site. Here’s that link.

If you have well-composed and properly branded posts that target people’s hot-buttons and that you can put some money behind,  then Facebook ads can be big winners for artists.


Music Promotion Services

Another one of the best ways to promote your music or your act is by hiring a music promotion service. These companies or people are professionals who serve multiple functions focused on promoting your music.

What you want these companies to do for you is plan out the targeted purchasing of ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other applicable social media. You also want them to pitch your music/act to music and related showbusiness blogs and publications.

These services, when used properly, can do great things for your act or your band, and also you brand. – Be warned though: There are many music promotion services that are shall we say, less then legitimate.

You absolutely need to vet your promotion company before you hire them. You have every right to ask for a client list, get a consultation, and ask questions. If they’re stalling with regard to doing any of these things for you, move on.


Here are three things to be wary of and avoid when you’re promoting yourself: –

  • Buying Followers Or “Likes”

Don’t do it. For one thing, nobody cares if you have X thousand Facebook likes but no real fans. – Apart from people considering becoming you real fan. – These people will see that you fake your fans and will stay away. Secondly, all the social media companies are cracking down on this type of behaviour; removing fake profiles and accounts that abuse these types of services.

Buying false fans is dishonest and disingenuous. Don’t buy your fans. It doesn’t work. Most if not all the names that you buy will probably have never heard of you anyway.

  • Buying YouTube Views

Same as with fake Facebook and Twitter followers: Fake views count for nothing in the real world. Any real industry professional will be able to tell immediately if you’ve used these services.

Beyond saving yourself from that embarrassment, YouTube also doesn’t like these services and will heartlessly remove view counts and videos that seem artificial. Why risk that? A good promotion company will find a way to put your video in front of real humans.

  • Email Blasts

This is anther one to forget about: Sure, it sounds good in theory, but email blasts are a complete and total waste of money. And journalists hate them because they have top delete reams and reams of spam. You’re much better off trying to connect with journalists and bloggers yourself.



YouTube TrueView For Video Promo

TrueView is great. It’s super easy to use, and you can create video ads that will lead people to your own video, your website, your social media, whatever you want.

Make sure to capitalise on the tutorial they offer, as it’s free and very helpful. Any amount from 50p to £75 can go a long way with these type of ads.

They’re pay-per-click ads, which means you only get charged if people click on them, and getting your brand in front of people’s eyes is useful on any level. Try to get around 1,000 impressions every day, and you’ve got yourself a cost-effective and efficient advertising mechanism.


Pay A Distribution Company To Be On All Streaming Services

The debate continues about whether or not streaming services help or harm the entertainments industry. Some artists, usually those with money, even boycott the streaming services.

The truth of the matter is that you can’t afford to care about that.

* Your music/act needs to be on every streaming service imaginable.

Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play – you name it – you need to be on it.

Music fans can be fickle, and if you’re not on their preferred platform then they may simply ignore your music. Don’t do that to yourself.


Examples of some of the most popular online distribution companies are: –

  • CD Baby
  • Tunecore
  • Distro Kid
  • Loudr

Some or one may work for you better than others. Do some research and try to find out which one or ones that is.


Hire A Publicist / Radio Tracker

A good publicist or radio tracker will be a huge bonus, but won’t work with you if your music isn’t right on every point: You need to have the best production, mix, and to be creating great songs to get these people to work on your behalf. – But, when you reach that point, having a publicist/radio tracker on your team will become essential as your career progresses.

Many indie publicists will also do some small-scale radio tracking to non-commercial radio such as Sirius XM, high-traffic playlists on Spotify/Apple Music, and BBC/NPR. This service is included in their fee.

That being said, it is sometimes worth it to hire a specialised radio tracker. If your songs are ready, they will be able to work magic with them. A little bit of radio play can do wonders for your career, and if you can make it happen then make it happen.

Radio ads don’t count towards the charts, so they don’t matter, and you should avoid buying them. If you really want radio ads for a show, approach the station and ask them if they will sponsor the event with services in-kind.

Well that’s maybe given you some ideas without covering a huge subject in depth with its own website… There’s only so much I can do lol.

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