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Blog Marketing Academy Lifetime Membership – Limited Offer!( 'Takes about 6 minutes to read. )

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This offer has now expired

Right now you can purchase a Lifetime Membership with the Blog Marketing Academy… But not for much longer: –

Due only to the ever-increasing value delivered, on Monday November 27th 2017; Blog Marketing Academy’s membership costs go up, in order to facilitate a fair exchange.

Also on that day the Academy’s Lifetime Membership option is discontinued. – That means that if you were to join after the option ends, you’ll have to pay  a higher charge monthly or yearly if you want to be a member. – You won’t be able to get lifetime membership after that date.

– But why should you care? – After all you weren’t bothered about learning to blog anyway: That’s great to know: Blog Marketing Academy want to teach blog owners, as well as those new to blogging, to stop blogging so much.

Isn’t that counter-intuitive?

It might sound that way; but the act of blogging itself doesn’t market anything; and adding AdSense ads in every available space achieves very little in the way of business, other than making customers go elsewhere; to a site where they’re not bombarded with banners.

Here’s the long and the short of it: David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy teach you to blog less, yet do more business. – And we also teach you how to do more business.

BMA flaskSuccess stories and testimonials abound from people who’ve been helped in their business endeavours by being a member of BMA and the Blog Monetization Lab. – Whether or not they purchased a lifetime membership. ( I spell it the American way because the company is American, and therefore that’s the correct way to spell that particular proper noun. )

“The Blog Marketing Academy is a training program which shows you how to utilize blogging to build your own successful online business.”

For instance, in the case of testimonials: –

“Honest Answers! No Fluff! That’s what you get from David. Educating yourself is an investment in your business and that’s exactly what this program offers. All the tools and resources you need and want – to get your business off the ground and running. Everything is broken down into manageable (baby) and understandable steps. He makes no promise of overnight success but is there to guide and help you. He has the skills, the experience, the knowledge, the patience and enjoys what he does. He knows what he’s talking about. All of this comes across in everything he puts out. It doesn’t matter what it is. Whether its an email, a posting, his monthly Q&A calls, it’s all there.”

Denise M.


Consider joining us inside the Monetization Lab.


“I tell everyone that if I was to purchase only one program, this would be it. There are so many out there that give a piece of what I need to know (e.g. a course on Pinterest), but this covers the bigger picture and helps it all make sense.”

R. Livermore


“As you know there is a TON of noise out there regarding blogging, online business and everything related to it. Thank you for providing an “Academy” where I can learn what I need in order to be successful and not get lost in the noise.”

J. Thorne


The organic chemistry tutoring site owes its success in part to Blog Marketing Academy , as do a number of others.


Consider joining us inside the Monetization Lab.


You don’t get recycled crap from years ago at Blog Marketing Academy.

Yesterday’s advice is for yesterday’s marketers; not BMA students.

The Blog Marketing Academy encourages a very different mindset than that of the “typical blogger”. – The training materials show you where to invest your time, and how to have a real business – whether or not it’s full time.

You’ll see David Risley talk more about it around the Blog Marketing Academy.


Consider joining us inside the Monetization Lab.


You have nothing to lose and one heck of a lot to gain by joining. – Particularly if you purchase a lifetime membership.

As I’ve already said; there is a lot on offer for the membership price to guide you in building your online business. – Like members-only webinars, action-plans,  a members-only forum, a list of resources, + personal attention, guidance and tuition by email, and more. – The list is large.

We’ve got a clear goal we’re working on inside the Lab – and we’re doing it together. So, why work on this alone?

‘You’ll still be able to enjoy a membership paid monthly or annually after the 27th November; but it’ll cost a bit more: The reason for that is that we’ve upped the value-delivery yet again.

It’s true that we’re always upping the value-delivery of Blog Marketing Academy and its Blog Monetization Lab. – It’s constantly happening on an ongoing basis; and David Risley has been over-delivering on value, while allowing members to join at a bargain price, for quite some time. – But people start to become uneasy when the market is giving them such a great deal for an over-extended period of time, and eventually doing so becomes a strain for the providers of such valuable services at low prices.

It gets to a point at which something has got to give: Either the quality of service has to stop increasing and level off, or the market retail price has to increase to give a fair value-exchange and reward the supplier for the time and resources that they put into providing the product.

Blog Marketing Academy has no intention to stop competing as a forerunner and leader in the online-marketing training sector; providing some of the best tutoring and study resources available, and covering the subject in a comprehensive and complete manner which allows students the opportunity to create their own business with the incorporation of their WordPress blog, and provide themselves with an extra income source. – But to continue to do so it has come to a point at which it is, unfortunately, imperative that membership costs must rise in order that such a competitive nature and great quality of service can continue.

In the light of this you have just Black Friday and the corresponding weekend according to Eastern USA Time – unless you’ve already missed Black Friday and it’s already the weekend – remaining in which to take advantage of current circumstances and lock in a Lifetime Membership, or a Subscription Membership on a monthly or annual basis at today’s bargain price.

Don’t miss this short and unrepeatable opportunity.


Consider joining us inside the Monetization Lab.


Remember; you have until 27th November before the Lifetime Membership is discontinued, and prices for monthly and yearly payments go up.

You can lock in membership at todays prices, even if you choose the monthly or yearly payment option… But only if you act NOW.


Consider joining us inside the Monetization Lab.


If you want to look around more before making a purchase decision;
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