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Beta Pages

Any page that is currently in beta is probably a new page, and it requires more work to be done on it. It is, nevertheless, functional – to an extent, and has therefore been made publicly accessible.

Pages that are in beta are still being developed by the site’s administrator(s), and may or may not be eventually released from beta – when they’ve been developed to a certain standard.

Pages of this site that are in alpha – the stage before beta – if published, are published privately for the eyes of site admin(s) only, and are not publicly released. – As a visitor you’ll usually be unable to view alpha pages.

Beta pages are often not yet linked to from the menus on Sharron-Idol’s website, however they may nevertheless have a search engine listing. No warranties are made in any manner in respect of the functionality of such pages. Should you wish to use a beta page prior to its full release then you may do so under your own liability.

Neither Sharron-Idol nor Ice Recordings, or for that matter any constituent part of the Ice Showbiz group, will be held responsible in any way for any loss in any manner resulting from your usage of a beta page until such time as the beta notice is lifted.

Whilst a beta page is probably not going to harm you or your computer devices in any way, it is nevertheless in a state of development whereby no warranties as to public suitability or performance can be made in respect to it; therefore your use of a beta page is freely and totally at your own risk until such time as it is properly released for general usage by the public.

The following text is included on this page to make up the total word-count for SEO purposes; not that it really makes much difference as it’s a boring page anyway: –

Please see the page – which you’re looking at now – at for information on public usage of beta pages on this site.

Extra: It’s better to be dazzled by a bounteous bouncing beta;
Than it is to be bedazzled in a sumptuous seven-seater –
On a coastal Spanish island with a gorgeous senorita –
Who appears on your computer screen, and says she’d like to meet ya.
…But all week you’re kind ‘a busy putting coins into the meter;
So you go and make excuses, end the call, and then delete her.

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