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When I created *Afterglare* I was concentrating on quality and patience. I also wanted to do something new, something which I’d not done before, even if similar was an already-tried concept.

Yes I might get some strange looks from Becky Hill and Oliver Heldens for taking the title of their 2014 No.1 hit and changing it a little. Is there any chance that might springboard the track into the charts-? Well it hasn’t happened yet.


I’m told the track has a distinct reminiscence of the style of Kate Bush. – That is something I can only take as a compliment, to be compared with such a genius artist. I don’t intend to let it go to my head though. I’d actually been working around that time – on and off – on a track in the style of Kate’s track *The Hounds of Love*; so no doubt that doing so had some influence on the creation process.


The second track of the EP, *Love*, is in the style of Marc Bolan. I’ve long studied Marc’s style as well as performed live in similar style when I performed my song *Planet Star* at a local venue. Since my fav genre’ of all is electronica I thought I’d experiment by adding tinges and strains of electronica to a very otherwise Bolan-esque performance. The result was certainly different: I thought it was impressive, but even one of my greatest fans couldn’t quite get their head around it at a preview for whatever reason.

Bolan is an excellent wordsmith and a poet. He does to lyrics what pure honey does to the taste-buds. He’s a hard act to follow but I hope I’ve done him justice.

Track 3 is *IKYABWAI*.

IKYABWAI – for those who aren’t aware – is internet slang for “I know you are but what am I?”. – in a similar way to how ROFLMFAO is internet slang for “Rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off.”. It’s basically a song about taking a peek into working with a (fictional) hopeless artist, but I’ve lost the lyrics sheet since the EP was completed… Don’t ask me where it went. It’s probably hiding somewhere on one of my hard drives, but I can’t find it for the life of me.

Track 4: It’s instrumental, so fortunately there are no lyrics sheet to lose this time. *Karibean Coffee Karumba – 3rd Movement* – Mis-spelling deliberate.

What do I say about this one? It’s an edited version of the most musically-active movement in a 3-movement instrumental piece I created earlier in 2015. Yes it is what you might call a little drawn-out, but it’s a pretty tune with plenty of variations included in the mix.


You can purchase a copy of this EP at various places online, as well as stream all 4 tracks on a number of streaming services.

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