Everything I Advertise and Endorse is Something I’ve Used Myself( 'Takes about 4 minutes to read. )

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U92Ym8Ojq8XXMA0zzl0YZBqiVwRFQPtexjcTUcLZ8IM4AVqtf8t4qw==That’s right; everything that I advertise on my website or on any of my social media is a product that either I’ve created or that I’ve trialled for a year or more and recommend.

I’m not trying to sell you sunglasses BTW – The picture was the best I could find at the time.


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In a few cases, maybe, I no longer use the product. – I might be using an alternative, or I just might have stopped using that particular type of product altogether.

Whatever the case; I wouldn’t endorse anything and/or ask you, my audience, to buy and use something that I haven’t used, trialled, and given the thumbs-up to myself.

That doesn’t mean that I endorse a product permanently.

If, for any reason, I decide that it’s no longer a product of good enough quality to recommend. –  ‘See my endorsement-logic is simple: If I wouldn’t use the product now then I won’t recommend it to you now. If I have used the product, but I no longer need to use it, but nevertheless I know it’s good, then I’ll continue to endorse it for up to a year from the time I stop using it, unless I gain information about a large change or reduction in quality in that product.


I don’t always get it perfectly right though: For instance; I’ve used many antivirus/antimalware products in the past. I wouldn’t recommend any of them to you now, at time of writing, though. I used to recommend and endorse Emsisoft Antimalware – and they are quite good; but I’ve since learned that there are better antimalware solutions out there. Malwarebytes is good; though I’m not currently endorsing any antimalware product.

One Huge Product

There is one huge product that just keeps getting better and better: In fact there seems to be no limit to its creator’s ingenuity, creativity, and flair for quality: I’ve been recommending this product – which is also a website, a blog, a business, and much more, since well before this website was opened.

The product I’m talking about is
Blog Marketing Academy’s
‘Blog Monetization Lab’.

– No it’s not free; but it is well worth the money.
– In fact, for the over-delivery of value, quality, and information you get for the price you pay as a monthly or annual subscription it’s a steal.


Have Confidence

I wrote this post just to let you know that if I endorse a product then I really do know the product, + I have confidence in it, + I would use it myself or I do use it myself.

…And that if I haven’t created it then I’ve used it; just so that you know, and so that you  can have assured confidence in my advertising.

If I were to recommend or advertise something that I hadn’t used myself, and it turned out to be crap or a con – then that’s going to look bad on me. It’s also going to tarnish my reputation, lose me the trust of fans and also lose me fans too, damage my career prospects in entertainments, and in effect ruin me to some extent. Quite obviously I don’t want that to happen: I want you to trust me to entertain you to the best of my ability, and to advertise /endorse products which have potential to make your life better and easier, rather than bring you more problems.

FacebookHeaderLogoTwitterIf you see a product advertised by me on this website, or my Facebook, or on my Twitter then you can be sure that I really do like and endorse it because I think it’s good enough for me to use.

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