I’m a Businessperson; So Why is my Website Not All Full-Colour Ads?( 'Takes about 11 minutes to read. )

* ~ Welcome to the website where it's all good. ~ *

Well in a manner of speaking; it is full of colour ads – in fact it’s really nothing but full colour ads. – Allow me to explain:

They’re mostly quite subtle ads that aren’t ‘in your face’, and they’re mainly ads for my products; free and paid-for.

BAOTV Header LogoTake a look at the Home (Welcome) page: [This verbal snapshot with accompanying illustrations was taken on 12th September 2017. – I keep making small subtle changes on a regular basis; so the page may be nothing like this when you read the article.]

Idol Habbo CharacterThe short sidebar, which is what mobile visitors will see first if they’re not in AMP mode, begins with my site’s logo banner, Yes it’s a derivation of the Illuminati logo: The Illuminati are as fictitious as religion itself in today’s world.) wrapped in the repeating Idol logo BAOTV site menu for mobile usersimagery that prevalently encapsulated much of the content, particularly in the header sections. – That’s more to tell you which site you’ve landed on more than anything else.

Moving on down you’ve got the Sharron-Idol Habbo character waving a greeting, and on past that the square mahogany ‘free mix’ button, which advertises a giveaway in exchange for an email address. – There are loads of adverts for that, in other formats, on the rest of the site. This is followed by all the other site menu buttons that have been positioned for mobile users.


Main Lead Magnet

ScreenHunter_312 Sep. 13 14.00The section of the sidebar below all that is what I David Risley's Headcall a lead magnet. (Phrase coigned by David Risley. – It may well go mainstream.) A lead magnet, as its name suggests, attracts leads.

The ‘leads’, in this case, are visitors who like what they see, and want to know more and to stay in touch. To do this they click or tap the ‘GET IT NOW’ button, leave an email address for me to stay in touch, and receive a reward for doing so: In this case a long mix.

This lead magnet is positioned well, as it doesn’t take long to appear in view as the visitor scrolls down; and, because the sidebar is short, it stays in view as the visitor scrolls down the page.


The main section: Wrapped in Idol Logo

Idol Avatar on BAOTVThe first thing you’ll notice when you look at the main section is an avatar, which is supposed to represent me. This avatar is clickable

BAOTV Header Banner 2017Again, wrapped within the repeating Idol logo imagery, you see, first, the header banner. > It’s large, it’s bold, it’s bright, and it has lights and stars. It leaves you in no doubt that you’re on my website. There’s also a small inset about the site’s use of cookies too.

Then come the main menu buttons for mainly the use of desktop visitors, followed by a quick and brief explanation of what’s going on – in between two BAOTV17‘Idol and the Goblet of Fire’ images. – ‘Still no real advertising of anything yet; but the last thing I want is for people to visit my site and get adverts shoved in their face from the off. – Many other sites do that, and it can be extremely annoying; particularly when you have to wait for the hundreds of ads to load, before the content loads. – That really sucks as a business-model.

The next section; yet again wrapped within the repeating Idol logo imagery, advertises, by means of text, my 3 latest posts by title. – This is the output of a PHP routine, that I use fairly regularly in a number of places across a number of sites, which can be set to output up to 100 post-titles in a set chronological order. – That’s a kind of advert, even if only a text ad.


Banner & Banner-Like

Then there’s a non-clickable Ice Recordings banner; all my releases to date are on the Ice Recordings label.

BAOTV17 adsNext comes a large clickable, banner-like, section advertising the website dedicated to advertising and promoting my release * Cosmic *. This is advertising my own stuff on my own website. – ‘Sure; it takes you off my main site, but the hope is that you’ll end up streaming or downloading my release.



adsThe piece of content following that is, as it says, aimed at press and publicity agents. It advertises a section of the website from which a number of 1200×1200 pixels high resolution images of myself can be downloaded. – This can be useful for promotional purposes, particularly when a third party is assisting in promotional work.


Click For a Message From Idol

adNext is a mahogany-coloured section including a play button, which plays a minute-long voiceover message from myself thanking the visitor for visiting my site. To create this I used a PHP function of an audio-player-plugin to generate a button which calls a subroutine which plays an mp3 recording.

Then another pictorial ad for * Cosmic *, followed by a lead-magnet banner, sandwiched between two .pdf symbols, containing a different offer to get people to give their email addresses and get something for free for doing so. – This time a free 10-page e-book-type document.



ScreenHunter_319 Sep. 13 14.46All these are little subtle clickable ads peddling my wares… But next we come to the first affiliate ad. – A single line of text, clearly marked as a link, inviting the reader to free blog monetisation training.  But this isn’t a lead-magnet: It’s a link which will take the reader off site and onto the domain of David Risley. Why take the visitor off site? The simple answer is that I don’t have the onsite resources nor the training proficiency to offer a full package comparable to the training package that David Risley offers with his Blog Marketing Academy.

Yes of course I recommend David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy. – If I didn’t like it and didn’t use it myself I wouldn’t be promoting it. – And yes I get a financial reward if you join BMA on my recommendation via my affiliate link. I’ve waited several years since the last affiliate campaign for a chance to be able to promote BMA as a business. You’re right; I do truly believe in it as a good business with a quality product that over-delivers in terms of value to its students.


* Cosmic Art *

Then comes the ‘in your face’ pictorial section, advertising a page on the site from which you can download hi-res full size artwork for the individual tracks on the EP * Cosmic *. This is followed by a clickable mahogany applet again advertising the fact that my EP * Cosmic * is available from iTunes and also spotify. Much of the above, as well as some of the below, is  again wrapped within the repeating Idol logo imagery, giving it that celebrity-wallpaper feel.


Affiliate Advertising in Earnest

sg adsNow the SiteGround video ad takes its place in the following applet.

SiteGround are another business that I use myself and highly recommend to anyone looking for top quality hosting at a reasonable price. I was so taken by the company that I produced a track entitled * The SiteGround Rap *, in the hope that they’d use it in their advertising and give me some publicity as a result; but also simply because their service was so good.

Now you’re starting to see some affiliate advertising for third-party products, just like you see on many other sites. – Except for the fact that other sites have a tendency to advertise what pays them most; regardless of quality or efficiency.  – Whereas I only advertise what works for me; what I know to be good and effective.

more adsMoving down past the applet advertising the website exclusively dedicated to * The SiteGround Rap *; we come to another full-colour pictorial affiliate ad with video – this time for Emsisoft Antimalware. Emsisoft Antimalware is one of the trusted antimalware solutions that I use, having trialled and tested the product.


Isn’t This Meant to be an Entertainments Career Website?

Being a tech-geek entertainer, as well as in part funding my activities from internet sales, may at times cause visitors to the site to become confused with regard to the site’s intended purpose, and begin to wonder if this site is really some sort of commercial or technical website.

It is for this purpose that the applet below the Emsisoft ad poses and answers the questions: –

  • Why does this musician/entertainer’s website seem to be a business website?


  • Why does this musician/entertainer’s website seem to be a technology website?

Its best to be as clear as is possible. – And after all of that branding and advertising of own and third-party products, along with site menus, a visitor could be forgiven for wondering exactly in which way the website specialises in in the field of entertainments, having seen little of it to that point.

even more adsBut then another applet, encapsulated in the same old repeating Idol logo imagery, invites the visitor, by means of another lead-magnet, to ‘become a part of it all’ and to ‘join Sharron-Idol on her [entertainments] journey’.

Another piece of textual content advertises an AMP plugin for WordPress; before we at last start talking entertainments and music; giving an outline of the content, mission, goals, and purpose of the site – interspersed with more lead magnets and further advertising. – For both third party and own products.


I’m not intending for this article to be a guide to the Home (Welcome) page.

What I am intending, by writing this article, is to demonstrate how my advertising is subtly intertwined with content; particularly but not exclusively with regard to the Home (Welcome) page.

You see on my website every piece of content is in some way an advertisment for something; and every advertisment is a piece of content or a part of a piece of content: The two are inextricably intertwined, and every article in most cases ends with a call to action. – Having advertised and informed I place the ball in the reader’s court and invite them to take action on what they’ve just read: That can be anything from further reading or pondering right through to making a purchase or joining a club of some kind; perhaps on a paid-membership basis.


Call to Action

What will be my call to action with regard to this piece then?

Well I’ve linked to four main products in this article. – I suggest that you visit those hyperlinks and find out more about them. – Let’s recap: –

BMA flaskBlog Marketing Academy is a site owned by David Risley – that will show you how to make your blog/website into the hub of a potentially successful [online] business. It makes use of specific systems, tools, action-plans, and strategies, which anybody can follow, in order to turn their blog/website into a powerful marketing and moneymaking tool.

CosmicAdTemplate1750x1000Cosmic is an EP consisting of 6 tracks, released in July 2017 by me, Sharron-Idol, on the Ice Recordings label.

siteground logoSiteGround are a hosting company; probably the best and most cost-effective choice for hosting your website. – Whether that’s in the cloud, on their shared NGINX/Apache servers, their dedicated servers… Whatever.

EMSISOFTEmsisoft Antimalware is powerful antimalware protection software that offers three levels of protection running on 2 engines.

Sharron-Idol no longer recommends or endorses Emsisoft Antimalware.

And here’s an extra offer for you: If you become a member of the Blog Marketing Academy for at least 6 months, host your website or websites with SiteGround for at least a year, purchase and install Emsisoft Antimalware for at least 6 months, and download my EP * Cosmic *… If you do all that, and send me confirmative proof of having done so by means of the ‘Contact Sharron-Idol’ link in the footer of almost every page and post on my website:

I’ll send you a bonus of some kind, at my discretion.

It’s a mystery prize: You never know what it might be.

– There’s only one way to find out.

– – – – – – –

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