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Hello and welcome to the About page of Sharron-Idol’s music, geekery, and entertainments-career website here at buggerallon dot tv.

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Are you searching for inspirational music?

Do you feel that today’s music is going downhill; sinking into a quagmire of uninspired repetition? Has the phrase “There’s nothing new under the sun.” become a defining characteristic of the modern music scene?

The music that you’ll experience from Sharron-Idol is a fresh and unique style of sound. Sharron-Idol has been listening to, and at times creating, music for over 50 years. She was there in the glam-rock days, she’s experienced jazz-funk, ska, motown, punk, rock, reggae… Sharron was a new-romantic, she lived the indie revival, garage, the rave-scene of the 1990’s. Sharron-Idol brings this knowledge, the experiences, the emotions of it all, together, and she borrows from that pot of experience; that kitty of life’s tuneful pleasure, and creates her own sounds with it in mind.



What Does Sharron-Idol Stand For?DJ_Shazzalive - About


Sharron-Idol has been making music in her capacity as a singer/songwriter/producer since the official inception of her career in 2013. Prior to that she had been making a living in the field of electronics, computers, and technology – as well as online and offline sales.

Sharron-Idol sells herself as a geeky musician & entertainer. – The sort of artist who’ll repair your computer, install some quality software on it, before writing you a tune on it.

Sharron-Idol engages in online marketing too: Her sales-y-ness hasn’t gone away, + she needs to make a living. Until and if she charts with a hit sound she’s looking to many different product sources; all products that she’s tried out and liked in the past, as things that she can sell and make a profit on in  order to get by. This isn’t limited to musical products either: Sharron has a lot of experience with computer software and hardware products that she recommends and acts as a sales affiliate for.

If you purchase from Sharron-Idol; regardless of the type of product, you’re supporting  and assisting the career of a talented musician, as well as taking possession of a quality product.

So in short here’s what Sharron-Idol’s all about: She offers quality products that she’s vetted herself for sale, in order that she can use the profits from that activity in order to generate the funds to produce more and better tracks for your entertainment; in addition to being able to finance the ongoing operation and development/enlargement of this website.


What’s in it for you?

Valuable information, and, also, quality products; many of which will be useful to you no matter which profession you follow. – Plus great music releases from Sharron-Idol for your entertainment.



This is the ‘About page’; the page that’s meant to tell you what this site’s all about, so let’s start at the beginning; which is a good place to start, with the basics of ‘what it is and what it does’: –

Robin - About

*0. As you’ll notice when you look at the top of the page, there’s a main menu. ( This main menu is repeated in a slightly different form at the foot of most pages too – which can be convenient.) This appears on almost every page – other than squeeze pages – and is basically the same every time: You can choose to go to one of seven pages from this menu: –

*1. First, going from left to right, is the Welcome, or Home, page: This is the page you possibly arrived on when you first got to this site. It’s like the daddy of pages; the page that’s intended to be seen first, and it represents the whole site: Therefore it contains offers, sales widgets, and an introductory piece.

*2. Second from left is the Start page: The Start page is designed to further orientate you with the website’s content and get you started on your journey through its pages. It concentrates also on the preliminary aspect of getting you to stay in touch by joining the emailing list; so that you don’t miss out on anything, nor do you forget all about this site.

*3. Then it’s “Idol’s Blog”: This is where you can find a sequential listing of all the blog posts; headers and excerpts, chronologically-ordered, 5-to-a-page. – It’s kind of like an enhanced version of what a lot of bloggers pass as their Home Page, but a little more ordered.

*4. Following that, it’s this page; the one you’re reading now: On this page you’ll be given some idea of what to expect when you’re viewing this site.

*5. Then it’s the Index. Now the index is like a list of tags. – This is a bit more than just a blog you see; it’s an informational resource, a learning-centre. The Index page has been created so that you can reference subjects quickly and efficiently. It works like this: –
*You click on the subject you’d like to read up on in the tags listing, and you’re taken to a listing of headers & excerpts of articles containing that subject, or something closely related to it.

*6. Second to last is the videos page: Clicking on “Videos” will bring you to a page containing, after an introductory piece of writing, a selection of of videos in no particular order, created by Sharron-Idol herself, which go along with a number of her musical tracks.

*7. Lastly it’s the Lyrics page. When you click on “Lyrics” you are taken to a page containing a clickable listing of lyric sheets to a number – most of – Sharron-Idol’s pieces that contain lyrics. Clicking on any one of the linked titles will take you to the relevant lyric sheet.

You’ll also find the Twitter button: As you probably guessed; this takes you, in another window, to Sharron-Idol’s Twitter account at twitter dot com/shazzalive (@shazzalive), where you can tweet merrily in a twitterous, twitteritious, twitteratingly twit-tastic manner.



* – Having now dealt with the basics; let’s proceed with a view of the site’s owner, Sharron-Idol, written by Sharron herself, which is a little more in-depth, and sets out to some extent what she’s trying to achieve with this site: –

Are You about Ready?

Let’s level the playing field at this point and I’ll tell you where I’m coming from: –


I do count myself, in a way, as a blogger. I count it as a part of my artistry, in a similar way to being a musician, a qualified electronics technician, and computer-geek.

I’m probably not what you’d expect a blogger to be these days though: When I post or create a new page I don’t necessarily do so to post to get a ton of likes, comments and shares. If I do get a ton of likes, comments and shares then so much the better. Call me old school if you like; but I’m not here to give you all the stuff that people are already sharing just to try to make myself supposedly popular. That stuff is already old news, and going by the collective IQ of the crowd it’s usually something of nothing, bullshit, ignorance, or all three. – Maybe even “Fake news”; to borrow an expression from Trump. I don’t see the point of joining the ‘echo-chamber’.

‘Not Your Usual Blogger

Idol's blog with star about

When I say I’m probably not the type of blogger you’d expect; I mean that I’m not really actually included in the standard category or definition of “blogger”-

Here’s why: –

  • Bloggers constantly create lots of content and start to have a hissy-fit at themselves if they don’t adhere rigidly to the posting-schedule that they’ve set themselves. – Sometimes they’ll wear themselves out working long hours to achieve this. – The result is a few more readers, and often, eventually, burnout.

  • I post when I have a reason to; when I have something to say or announce. My content is driven by my own goals, releases, successes, and achievements; not by the calendar or a desire for ‘likes’, shares, and/or to produce viral content for the sake of doing so.

  • Bloggers spend way too much of their time writing more blog posts. I’m a musician, entertainer, and a business-person: I devote as much time as is absolutely necessary to writing more blog posts, no more than that. I also update existing posts and republish them: That saves a load of time and effort.

  • While bloggers waste a lot of time reading about how to grow their blog and their traffic organically only; I realise that traffic is everywhere and can be bought. – In fact the only way to get a decent amount of traffic fast is to buy it.

    (Please note: I buy traffic – from places like Facebook & Google.
    I earn followers & fans. – Because anything else – such as buying fake followers – is disingenuous – and dishonest.)

    Trying to generate traffic organically by pumping out blog posts is a mug’s game, and it will achieve 20% or less of the results for 80% or more of the effort. – It’s like driving on ice: The more power you deliver into the wheels the more they spin and the more the vehicle careers off course without really going anywhere.

    Most bloggers try to grow their traffic something like this: –

    • Writing a ton of blog posts on an aggressive schedule in an effort to get Google to notice


    • Constantly fighting every little Google change to figure out how to SEO their way to the top


    • Engaging on social media all day to try to siphon people over to their blog


    • Trying to get guest post opportunities on popular sites


    • Participating in traffic gimmicks like blog carnivals, list posts with guru quotes and link exchanges

    Bloggers Are Being Misled To Think that the more often you write, the better your blog will do.

    . Some people would have you believe that if you want more traffic to your blog, then you should bust your butt to write & publish outstanding content and do it often.

    . Many blog “gurus” even engage in debates about ideal posting frequencies, as if there is some kind of magic schedule that would result in maximum traffic.

    It just isn’t true.

    .The race to post something new a few times per week – or even daily – in a never-ending quest for more traffic is just a recipe for one thing…


    In other words they  bend over backwards to do everything they think will give them the edge; and then they hope it works. – There’s no control there. There’s no certainty either. What is there is a load of work: >80% total effort for <20% total productivity. – Known as the 80/20 rule.

    See the following article for more on the 80/20 rule:-

    5 Points To Help Musicians Beat The 80/20 Rule


  • While bloggers worry about their comment counts and organic traffic; I look at what I can produce to entertain my audience – in terms of written content, musical content, and other content too: On this, and a host of other sites. (iTunes for example, You Tube, music magazines… ) Also I care about generating genuine new fans/followers.

    (I have real fans: I have no need to fake my following by buying followers.)

    I really don’t care much about the comments. – Comment if you feel like commenting; otherwise give it a miss.

  • Bloggers usually have nothing to sell, and are quite often afraid of selling even! Maybe they’re too busy pumping out more blog posts to worry about selling anything and making a living.

    * Yes of course I’d like you to buy my products… You didn’t seriously imagine that this site is here just to look pretty did you? *

    laughing smiley

    I’d much rather be selling my music for what it’s actually worth; but iTunes and everyone else would already be selling it cheaper if I did; so it’s pointless to even try to do so.



    I’m not blogging to be a popular blogger: (Whatever that may be these days. – It keeps changing.) I’m blogging as a part of being a public personality.

    dare to dream about

    I’m also blogging as a part of my business, part of my website which is the online-hub of my business. I blog and have a website because anybody who is anybody in the 21st Century has a blog and/or a website. – I blog what’s worth blogging; rather than blogging for the sake of it, to a schedule. If it’s not worth blogging you won’t find it in the blog.

    Discover more about successful monetised blogging at
    Blog Marketing Academy.

    What This Site is All About

    What makes this site different/better/worth looking at, is quality: This site is tailored for a pleasant viewer experience, because I want that to be one of the main reasons that you keep coming back – not because I write the same tired old regurgitated & echoing shit that everyone else is getting excited about for the next 5 minutes or on a daily basis.

    If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It Right, Now…

    Don’t you just hate it when you read an About Page and the site’s owner rambles on for ream after ream talking about their life history? I’ve done it myself too. Nobody gives a shit about the owner’s autobiography at this stage.

    As I mentioned somewhere else on this site; I’m looking for something new: I’m looking for a new way of doing things that brings better results; both in terms of my output, and also in terms of the way I go about everything: From creating, songwriting, artistry – through to marketing, going public, and finishing up with entertaining people with my products. – With that in mind; the website-viewers’ pleasant and enjoyable experience is, of course, paramount.

    This Awesome Site, And Why It’s Better

    I initially bought this domain for its novelty value. – But then I thought to myself ‘What a novel name for a new, better, dedicated, site! – Like head-turning’. I built all this site you’re looking at now on that domain, and I redirected sharron-idol.com to it.

    In doing so I’ve built this site on a customised mobile-responsive theme. (Geek-talk: I hacked the WordPress twentyfifteen theme and adapted it for purpose.) No more editing two separate copies of pages. – One for mobile and one for desktop. Instead the output fits all devices; moblie and desktop.

    2016 Mobile View of Sharron-Idol's new website at buggerallon dot tv (sharron-idol.com)

    It’s easier for me – less editing; and it’s easier for you – because it looks good on your mobile phone (cellphone), tablet, laptop, desktop, and any other device too. Also I took quite some time to get the site exactly right before it came out of beta and went fully live in January 2016. Why did I take so long over it? – Because, although this site is primarily about Sharron-Idol, it’s a site for you the visitor, and I don’t want to come across as cheap and second-rate. – I care because you care. – In fact I probably care too much: I was still tweaking away at this site in mid-February 2016, 2017, 2018.. And continuing to do so to this day! – I want to get the optimum appearance if I can, and I keep striving to improve on it on an ongoing basis.
    Occasionally I make a pig’s-ear out of it: Please excuse me when and if that happens – I always put it right eventually. Nobody’s perfect.



    Why I Used to do Tech And Why I Now do Music AND Tech

    I’ve already railled against writing my life-history a few paragraphs up, but in the piece of articulate written rhetoric of which we now partake I unfortunately do have to go into some of my life’s story at times. I’ll try to keep it brief when I do so: –

    So in short, starting off on a non-musical note, I’ve been interested in technology & electronics since year dot. I also found as I reached my teens that I was quite artistically talented. I ended up working in the technology sector though, and eventually qualified as an electronics technician.

    I reached 48 years of age and, partly through having dabbled in music for a while, as well as largely through following and befriending Becky Hill online, I remembered that I could maybe quite easily have ended up as a pop star of the early 1980s, performing along with the likes of Spandau Ballet, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Wham, Visage, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Classix Nouveau, et cetera – which didn’t happen… But at age 48 there was still never a better time than the present (And there still isn’t.) to make it, or at least something similar, happen.

    In 2013 I struck out on my own with my first single *On With The Show – The Single*. Since then I’ve produced many more tracks on a number of singles, EPs, and two albums at time of writing. (I don’t count the album *ServicePackOne* (2012) because it was never in fact officially released, and was crap – as in badly produced – anyway.)



    What This Site Offers You: More than just online-sales

    Guitar&flowers About


    I’m still geeky! I need to be geeky: Yes I used to work in sales at one point too; but there is more to this site than just sales.

    There is so much about music which is related to electronics, and much about electronics which is related to music! – From the fluctuating sine wave of a musical piece, right through the gadgets themselves; full of integrated circuits, discrete transistors, and other semiconductors, as well as passive components.

    It’s great to know, sometimes literally, about the wiring under the board. – It’s useful to know how it works, what it’s made of, and why it works. It should, ideally, be known by all musicians and entertainers.

    This website not only markets Sharron-Idol’s music; it also markets Sharron-Idol. – Sharron-Idol the musician/entertainer AND Sharron-Idol the tech-geek: The two – combined – as one. – That is so Sharron-Idol.

    This site is where it’s all happening. Forget any other websites I’ve previously used; they pale into insignificance compared to this one.

    Between now and then it’s your chance to be a part of it all before it kicks-off: A great place to start, as far as being a part of it all is concerned, is by joining Sharron-Idol’s emailing list.

    Have you read the posts that have already appeared on this site? Head on over to the Blog page, and see the referencing in chronological order, including title and excerpt. – Like I said; if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

    The Start page will help to orientate you with the sites’ current content.

    Some of my videos are streamed straight to this site from You Tube on the Videos page. I’ve also attached the appropriate video to the corresponding lyrics page wherever such a corresponding video was available. – Which brings me on to the following: –

    You can read the correct lyrics to some of my tracks on the Lyrics page.





    Revised, checked, & updated: 11.05.2021.


    Ignore this number – it probably means nothing to you.
    It’s a performance indicator, and I understand it.

    If you like my spiel, or my music, or both - even my geekiness; then I'd like you to come back some time. - In fact I'd like to stay in touch with you, and have you come back here to this site sometime.

    The only way I can think of to achieve this is to ask you to leave me an email address on which I can contact you... So I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll give you almost 30 minutes of my self-composed mix in exchange for your email address. - 'Good deal yeah? - 'Great, we're singing from the same lyric-sheet here, as it were.

    When you enter your email address below and click "Get It Now", you'll be taken to my "Thank You" page, where you can download your music, and click on links to more of my stuff if you're interested too.

    Since I will then have your email address I'll send you email from time to time; like when I have something interesting to say, or when I release something, or even when I think there's something I've found that you'd be interested in.

    You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time if you get fed up with getting them, and I won't complain about it. - And you won't hear from me again; unless you re-subscribe.

    'Sound good to you? OK let's do this: 'See the inset below? Follow the instructions - it's really easy - and we're away.
    'See you there.

    *Opt-in for Sharron-Idol's emailing list - stay connected with this great new site...

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    There's an instrumental mix waiting for your ears.

    Go on - hit the button: - You know you want to hear the free mix. :)

    SPAM is EVIL - I am an angelic artist and I will NEVER spam you. 'Promise.


    Turn up the sound of Sharron-Idol!



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