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Do I need to be perfect and/or demonstrate perfection?

– What the *#^! kind of question is that? –

This article is directed toward musicians, entertainers, and those in showbiz generally.

Lately I keep hearing a lot of the ‘gurus’ telling people not to strive for perfection but just to “do it”; ‘no need for anything fancy in the way of hardware or software…

Yes of course you’re unique, individual, priceless, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable – but they are telling you in essence that you don’t have to do everything perfectly all the time.

Wow_nice_great stuffOutside of the entertainments sector and the professional tier of the commercial sector this may be the case to a certain extent. – I mean not everybody can afford the best of everything in the way of hardware & software, skills and training, and not many people,  from a customer point of view, are expecting perfection.

Also people will be looking, in certain cases, at that person as somebody to follow and to copy, particularly in the case of network marketing for instance. Perfection is very hard to copy.

I do, however, foresee a number of people using the words of the gurus as an excuse to produce third-rate crap that has low, if any, quality, and extremely little value. Having said that, many of these people don’t need an excuse and just present a mess as default anyway, without bothering to edit, proofread, or in any way check their work. – Many of the posts on Facebook are a glaring example.

The chances are that if you’re reading this then you’re an entertainer… OK that you’re more likely to be an entertainer than if you were reading a non-entertainments-related website. – As an entertainer it’s necessary to be better: Better than the average Jill or Joe, and also better than the competition, as you’re no doubt aware.

That means that your work, no matter where it is, and no matter what subject it covers, should always stand out as an example to others. Don’t get me wrong here; perfection is unattainable and is not required: You will make mistakes accidentally; ‘just that you’ll make  a heck of a lot fewer mistakes than most people make.

It’s Human to err, and you’re not a computer or a robot… I’m talking to people in the early 21st Century. If you’re reading this in the 22nd Century or beyond then you may possibly be a computer or a robot: At last – ‘someone with a decent brain!

Have you noticed how Humans tend to produce shoddy work? – How they can’t be bothered, in the main, to give 100% of themselves to any activity? – Unless they’re a genius, a sports personality, a writer, or an entertainer. – That’s why they created you: Because you can, in the main, do things better and with less effort than Humans.

I really hope Facebook have kept archives from back in my time: You’ll see adults writing like 5-year-olds, you’ll see a massive dip in most of human intelligence among the general public. – Because – would you believe this – people can no longer be bothered to even learn things any more, and nobody seems to care about personal image either. – Really I shit you not; it’s like it appears that it has become the fashion to lack basic knowledge and to appear to have learning difficulties.

We entertainers – in the main – take pride in ourselves, and we like to present our image as leaders and examples for others.

great jobWe make ourselves up when we go out on stage, and we present our best image to the world; by means of our appearance and our performance. The lights, the props, the stage crew, are all there for a reason.

We don’t announce to our audience that today we look shitty because we couldn’t be bothered with our make-up, or that we can’t perform properly because we couldn’t be bothered to remember to bring musical instruments or learn the lines/lyrics. We don’t make excuses such as that there are no lights because nobody can be bothered to change the bulb, or to pay the electricity bill.  –  If we did our fans would tell us what they think with their feet: they’d walk out on us. They’d give us the boot.

We get things done, we make things happen, we lead by example…
Most of us do anyway.

So if some guru tells you not to ‘strive for perfection but just to ‘do it’; no need for anything fancy…’ Tell them that you’re a leader rather than a slacker, and that you lead by good example…

– Because if they teach you techniques that could end up with your developing bad habits as a result; and your work becomes shoddy as a result, then the guru stands out above you and gets one over on you:

They get the larger proportion of the sales, and they retain a better public image than you do: Hence they stay as gurus while you remain a follower. < —That isn’t true in every case; but it is in many.

– You’re an entertainer, yes? Then as an entertainer you’re a leader. – You lead your fans, you make your voice heard, you stand up for what you believe in. – You’re a public personality; you work for your audience, and you also lead them. –

– If not then why not? – That’s what you should be doing. You’re in charge of the game; rather than the game controlling you.

You don’t need to be perfect all the time; but you should always give it your best and always do a great job. – That’s the mark of a professional, a leader,

a winner.


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