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“It’s not enough to have a Facebook / Bandcamp page; you need a proper website – an online hub for your music career.” – CD Baby.
Tweet: It’s not enough to have a Facebook / Bandcamp page; you need a proper website - an online hub for your music career.

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In the early part of the 21st Century, a female technology geek dabbled a bit in the music scene, and tried her hand, rather successfully, at DJ-ing on internet radio under the name of DJ Shazzalive.

In the video below; DJ Daniel Woodward mentions his long association with Sharron-Idol (Formerly DJ Shazzalive.) in this capacity, while producing Swindon Drive – live from his Swindon (Wiltshire UK) studio, on 26th April 2017.


A few years later Sharron-Idol officially launched herself into the music industry with her single release
* On With The Show – The Single  *.


Sharron-Idol’s musical career began at that point, inspired, to some extent, by the anticipated and impending career-startup of the awesomely-talented Becky Hill.


Operating from the South of the UK, up and coming singer/songwriter/producer Sharron-Idol is taking the music scene by storm with her relentless passion for songwriting, as well as possessing a natural musical talent to match. Sharron has a lyrical writing style which is very much her own, and she is writing songs and laying down tracks on an ongoing basis, at a rate that is impressive for a relative newcomer to the music scene.


Sharron’s debut single * On With The Show – The Single *was released in March 2013 with popular approval from her growing gathering of fans and industry professionals. Her debut full-length album “On With The Show: The Album * was released later that year following the release of a few more singles, such as Deejay (Remix), Hometown, and Why Don’t You..?  The album delivered an original sounding cross-genre’ experience, with upbeat urban pop vibes, a hint of punk, post-garage, and more. It comprised 12 tracks which were written/composed and performed by Sharron-Idol herself.


Subsequent to the above, in May 2015, she produced a remix in association with Australian artist Aria Taylor of Aria’s track * The Winning Hand *

entitled * The Winning Hand – Sharron-Idol Extended Extacy Remixx *.

Later that year, in July, she also produced her EP * Afterglare *.


Idol then embarked upon a voyage of self-discovery and gaining maturity as an artist, creating songs and tunes as she did so. She also worked upon her promotional platforms, which included the abandonment of her old site and the creation of this new site, with its increased functionality and web-2.0/2.1-ability.

Sharron’s EP * Something New *  was released in May 2016; inviting us to musically collaborate with one another and accomplish more as a result.

Even more recently she released her latest EP containing her new track * Brexit *, plus a re-release of her tracks * Old Star * and * Old Star (Calitopia Mix) *. She also created a track entitled * The SiteGround Rap *; a beat created for commercial demonstration purposes. – Although this track was never actually used for its intended purpose at time of writing, it was nevertheless released on a limited single release via CD Baby only.


In the Spring & Summer of 2017, and onwards into 2018, 2019.., Sharron-Idol is continuing to develop her unique musical style in order to showcase her outstanding natural talent even further – on her own, as well as maybe in collaboration with new and established artists.


Sharron-Idol welcomes you to the continuing saga of her mission to entertain; and she asks you to join her on her journey.



“I’m loving every minute of it.
Keep it up❣ You’re Fabulous ~ I love you.
You have a life long fan !”



I have the web-technology.

I have the artistic ability.

*I present to you this growing Idol database.


…Welcome to the site that the online-business-community frown on for its reticence to extract the total contents of your purse or wallet, and which sets their head spinning with its lashings of musical & artistic sophistication in the face of cold, hard, sterile commerce.

…And I’m told:

  • “That doesn’t look like a commercial website.”
  • “It’s a bit cluttered.”
  • “I wouldn’t arrange it like that…”

– To which I say: “Great!

Moving on…


Welcome to The Idol Enterprise


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– I’m not saying everything is not without a price here: Less costly and better presented with a generous slant towards value may be a more apt description.


In fact let me say, at this point, if you’re incapable of appreciating art; please leave now. – You won’t appreciate this site at all if you’re totally un-artistic.


*On a similar theme: –

Never waste your time trying to make everybody happy. Some people are so busy making themselves unhappy that it is a waste of your time to try to fight them on it.

– David Risley
(Advanced Online-Marketing Strategies Coach)

*On that note, here’s another gem from Risley. – This is as much a reminder to me as to anyone else: –



Product/market fit means that you have to fit the market… not make the market fit you.

– David Risley
(Advanced Online-Marketing Strategies Coach)


* At the beginning of your career, and even for quite a while afterward in many cases, the biggest constraint on your growth in popularity is the size of your audience. If you were to only promote your new releases to people already connected with you, you’re not really expanding the size of the pie. Therefore it is at this point that you should be spending a minority of your time on content, and the remainder of it on promotion.




Ignore these numbers – they probably mean nothing to you.
They’re performance indicators, and I understand them.

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