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  • CosmicAdSharron-Idol's EP * Q * is now available for download from iTunes - Also you can stream it via spotify.
  • Operating from the South of the UK, up and coming singer/songwriter/producer Sharron-Idol is taking the music scene by storm with her relentless passion for songwriting, as well as possessing a natural musical talent to match.


    Sharron has a lyrical writing style which is very much her own, and she is writing songs and laying down tracks on an ongoing basis, at a rate that is impressive for a relative newcomer to the music scene. – Over 112 tracks across 26 official releases to date.

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    I bid you welcome to my website: “It’s not enough to have a Facebook / Bandcamp page; you need a proper website – an online hub for your music career.” – CD Baby.
    Tweet: It’s not enough to have a Facebook / Bandcamp page; you need a proper website - an online hub for your music career.

    Sharron-Idol is a musician with extra tech-geekery. She brings to you not just music, but also helps you out with the technical-side of entertainments too.


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    You see; music is much more than just art alone. – Music has a very technical side, involving math, electronics, physics, and computers… In many cases that’s true in more ways than one. – So if you’ve come here expecting the usual ‘performer-self-promotion-only’ website; with uninteresting mindless bullshit – well you’re going to be very disappointed.

    – But here’s something juicy to keep you going: Sharron-Idol isn’t normal. Normal is so… Well normal; tedious, unimaginative, primitive even. – No; Sharron-Idol is more than normal: Sharron-Idol has a vision. – ‘Not a vision of Utopia, but a vision of a better society. – One in which everyone exercises common sense, and one in which everyone bears personal responsibility for their every action and word – including the effect of those words and deeds upon others.

    Sharron-Idol represents a whole new approach to life; and she stands for integrity, stability, responsibility, and freedom… Freedom in the light of caring and of thinking before acting; because with a little extra forethought this world could be a much better place.


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